The POC is Malaysia Phone Number List an experiment, but to be effective, it must reflect reality. It must therefore be an experiment in a real situation. The points that will be tested must be either strategic for the project or be representative of the content of the project. This makes it possible to highlight any pitfalls or points for improvement so as to have clear answers as to the options to be taken for the next project. One of the main strengths of the POC is to facilitate or accelerate the framing of the project as a whole by contracting 2 phases in one: the study phase and the operational implementation phase. Two for the price of one, so don’t

miss out! Why do they fail? The saying “do not confuse speed and haste” takes on its full meaning when looking for the causes of failure of a POC. The temptation to want to go quickly in achieving the POC can be great, especially when the deadlines are tight. In these cases, POCs can suffer from several ailments among which we mainly distinguish: An imprecise framing Taken by the deadlines, the POC design teams sometimes have little time in front of them to properly frame the subject and allow the technical teams to produce with all the prerequisites. As a result, the technical team has little awareness of the challenges of

Prepare Test Cases

the POC and the technical constraints. In this case, there is a good chance that the developed product is neither reusable nor replicable. A scope that is too ambitious for the time limit Design teams sometimes find it difficult to narrow down the topics to be covered. The team tends to oversize the perimeter of the POC or to supplement it as the starting subject goes. In fact, testing a large number of features is not bad in itself, but in this case, it is closer to a finished product rather than a minimum product and which can be expensive


before even being tested. In addition, it is important to take the time necessary to carry out developments and tests and ensure that the product meets expectations on the one hand and that it is reusable on the other hand. Consequences: POCs are extended as desired, do not succeed in reaching the set objectives or are not reusable or replicable. Some tips to avoid crashing your POC The art and manner of leading and succeeding a POC can be the subject of an entire book. In the rest of this post, we will give you some essentials so as not to crash your POC. Achieve sufficient framing to reduce uncertainties As you will have

Set Up A Suitable Project Organization

understood, the framing is a determining stage (not to say crucial) for any project and POCs are no exception to the rule. This framing phase can be short (a few weeks) but is essential to carry out the POC and take full advantage of it. For these reasons, the first action to be taken is to define the challenges and objectives of the POC for each of the stakeholders (CIO, business lines, etc.) by clearly identifying the criteria for success and the expected benefits which must be the subject of a evaluation at the end of the POC. To do this, 2 main questions must be asked: For what purpose is this POC carried out and what

results can be expected from it? Who is the POC for and who are we trying to reassure of the potential or the merits of the solution? It is then important to clearly define and delimit the perimeter of the POC by listing what goes into it but also what does not. For this purpose, it is necessary that this perimeter is composed of a mixture of complex functionalities (main object of the POC) and of a few simple functionalities. The whole difficulty of this exercise lies in choosing the features to be tested and above all choosing them in sufficient


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