How is social media used by businesses in 2019? To find out, I attended a morning conference organized by Hootsuite at Wework on September 17, 2019. I was inspired by the testimonials of the companies UK WhatsApp Number List to this conference, moderated by Yann Dirheimer and Majda Chaplain, to take stock of this use of social media in business. Yann Dirheimer began by giving us a fairly precise assessment of the state of social media, in the first part of this Hootsuite breakfast. He insisted that now half of the world’s population uses social media . We are therefore a long way from negative impressions of the so-called disappearance of social media.

The CMS, once an object of communication, and let’s not be afraid to say it, very uninteresting for many people, has become a crucial and central issue for business transformation projects that could not function without it.

Professional Use Of Social Networks

These are therefore indeed at the center of relations between brands and customers / consumers. Certainly, but that does not mean that things have not changed, on the contrary. Bearing in mind that the testimonies collected are not necessarily representative of all companies, and in particular small and very small companies, I have drawn up below a list of the main lessons that I have drawn from this study. meeting :

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The witness companies gave a very disparate panel of their use of social media, there is no longer a practice of social media, but a myriad of uses, related to the size, the brand philosophy, and the approach. (commercial, ROIste, UGC…) . This is nothing new, but it is more obvious than ever. It will become more and more difficult to speak generically of social media in business to the point where it does not or already does not mean anything;

Consumers Are On Social Media

Notes taken from the presentation by Yann Dirheimer, Hootsuite Marketing Director , Southern Europe. Customers are there and it is even where they spend the most time and it influences purchasing decisions (as shown by this PWC study from 2018):

Social Media Affects Purchases, 2018 PWC Study Finds
There is also an HR dimension which is important. The new generations have fully integrated social media for this. However, the rules and relations between communities and brands have completely changed .

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