We talk about interactive video, but seeing it in action is rarer. For this Friday which in a way announces the beginning of the beginning or not of Palestinian Territories Email List , we do not really understand but it does not matter, I offer you a little poetry. In this spring when, unfortunately, we cannot go for a walk too much, nor visit the photo galleries. Here is an interactive video tour of the Thierry Bigaignon gallery .

and digital technologies. You both participated in this 2021 Adobe Summit edition. This event, which took place last week, allowed us to understand a fairly large number of content and to identify the major trends, and the marketing that you can imagine around what we discovered. Among the points that you have retained, there is personalization, first-party data, the cookieless phenomenon, FLOCs and of course theclient experience

How Interactive Video Can Bring Your Content To Life

And I would like to share with you an experience that I owe to Florence Rosenfeld, from the Verbatim agency , which is at the origin of an interactive initiative on artistic video. As she has the palm of the number of phone calls to which, moreover, I have not necessarily always answered, I think it was worth a little time.
All the more so since there is an idea, an idea that we ourselves, a few years ago, had with a colleague and unfortunately abandoned. This is interactive video. Experiential marketing is about giving the prospect or customer a memorable experience ….

Palestinian Territories Email List

⅓ pure topicality . Here lighter publications of the order of entertainment. Show your sympathy capital here , humor you have! (Be careful not to get too entertaining though: cat photos work excellently but your e-reputation might take a hit) The use of Facebook has evolved: the confidentiality standards have been reviewed (corrected), in particular allowing the user to control the information visible to other accounts. The time when we compulsively published on it (holidays, an evening, an aperitif with friends) seems somewhat over (today we prefer to do this on Instagram, with very beautiful visuals, don’t we; )

In This Photo Of The Diver, He Explains The Genesis Of The Image That Was Taken In Italy.

Here is the presentation of the exhibition, always by the gallery owner who will invite us to visit three artists. We will choose here, Ralph Gibson and his iconic black and white photos, and his original frames. 3 artists are exhibited. They explain their approaches, their artistic choices. There is even one who explains his making of and how he sets up his device to be able to photograph his abstract photos. It’s amazing. We really have the impression that they are paintings and not at all. These are pictures. You can enlarge them as well.

Certainly we can go much further with devices like these. But there is already an idea. And a lot of work, in fact, because these kinds of projects require scriptwriting. Of course, anyone who’s done video knows that video is quite a complex thing, so you have to do it well especially in artistic fields.There are thus requirements in terms of quality, of shooting, in particular the photo of the photos, it is something quite complicated to do.

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