Deepfakes: how is Facebook leading its fight?
Deepfakes, these videos modified thanks to artificial intelligence and disseminating Ghana Email List information, are currently abounding on the web. As the US presidential election looms, Facebook intends to counter this phenomenon through various measures. How will Mark Zuckerberg’s firm be able to reduce the visibility of this misleading content?

The Brand Collabs Manager, already available on Facebook, will therefore be extended to Instagram to the delight of advertisers. The elimination of intermediaries such as influence agencies should indeed make it possible to optimize the results of such actions.

Deepfakes, A Rapidly Growing Phenomenon

Chances are you’ve heard of deepfakes before. Barack Obama, Vladimir Poutin and Donald Trump are the preferred targets. One of the best-known examples is that of the current President of the United States, in an extremely realistic video where he simply claims to have eradicated the AIDS virus.

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But despite appearances, Donald Trump has never actually said these words. It is therefore a deepfake, namely a video montage made using artificial intelligence. And if in this case the consequences of this deception produced by Solidarité Sida, for a good cause, are minimal, imagine what it is possible to do in other circumstances.

Facebook’s Device To Fight Against Deepfakes

The question of moderation of content on Facebook remains a thorny subject for the Menlo Park firm. Indeed, the largest social network in the world must find the right balance to succeed in combating false information without being accused of censorship.

In the case of deepfakes, however, Facebook has undertaken to reduce the visibility of these contentious videos. To achieve this, the American company is thus based on two criteria:

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