From a managerial Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List of view, this is an approach aimed at breaking down the silos between development teams and operating teams, streamlining communication and processes as the deployment project progresses. an IF, From an HR point of view, the term designates this new type of position with cross-functional development and system engineering skills, at the interface between the development and operations teams, From an IS project point of view, this is a new method, pushing agility even further in order to parallelize and merge the stages of development, integration and then production and operation of IS. Finally, this new approach is based on a DevOps framework integrating all the functionalities necessary

for the management of deployments and Cloud and on-premise infrastructures for all types of applications and tools around configuration management, monitoring, monitoring of accommodation costs … Today I offer you the sharp insight of Benjamin Brial, founder of Cycloid to better understand the issues underlying the concept of DevOps. Cycloid Offers End-to-End DevOps Framework to Simplify DevOps and Cloud Adoption What challenges does Cycloid address? The stakes are high: the silos within the IT departments are deeply rooted, the objectives distinct or even opposed between the development teams and the operators in an IT department. The former must produce quickly, develop applications according to business needs (their

What Challenges Does Cycloid Address

internal customers), the latter must maintain moving infrastructures and ensure the availability of applications (for the businesses too)! There are therefore natural frictions between the search for flexibility and the need for stability. In addition, it is difficult to recruit or train DevOps and these profiles are often overloaded. In addition, more and more tools are being integrated and maintained and the hosting services are just as diverse: on-premise, private cloud, public, etc. PaaS (Platform as a Service) is not the answer to all needs. There is a need for automation, neutrality and consolidation. What solution does Cycloid provide?


Cycloid provides both a product and service offer directly or via a network of partners. We provide our customers with a public, dedicated or on-premise DevOps framework in SaaS aimed at simplifying and optimizing the DevOps process and the adoption of the private Cloud with Vmware / Openstack, public with Amazon Web Services, Orange Flexible Engine Business Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure in particular. The solution is interoperable with everything called API. Cycloid articulates its offer around a DevOps framework that covers the entire development cycle, from code repository to production. You will find : TerraCognita: a reverse Terraform allowing you to generate your infra as code on the fly from

What Solution Does Cycloid Provide

your cloud account StackCraft: a drag-and-drop infrastructure designer generating your infra as code on Terraform InfraView: a feature allowing you to view your up-to-date architecture diagram Service Catalog: a service catalog offering pre-configured models (stacks) An on-board CI / CD pipeline with Concourse, Ansible, Pacer, K8S, Terraform for a complete orchestration Also included are monitoring, logs, events and secure management of usernames and passwords, a global presentation of infrastructures and applications and a detailed view of hosting costs. The solution is also fully interoperable with tools already integrated at the customer. One of the rare French players certified as Advanced Technology partner by AWS, the

company targets both large accounts wishing to industrialize their DevOps approach by filling in the missing bricks and small teams seeking to equip themselves from end to end. What we must understand and what we bring our expertise and our help to the major issues with Cycloid, is the triple revolution that Ops are currently experiencing: The cloud revolution that is disrupting traditional deployments on physical servers The development of automation: what we can call “infrastructure as code” The agility and continuous deployment provided by DevOps What is DevOps according to Cycloid? We believe that DevOps is characterized by three aspects: Cultural: the organization must evolve, break down silos, question traditional


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