The last year has been an absolutely crazy year for us here at Buffer. We have altered a lot of things and learned a tremendous amount about scaling and building our company. As it comes to our social media presence, we’ve made a lot of drastic changes too, many of which have had a surprisingly big impact on our business. Here are the 5 things we changed that helped us reach and engage with the most awesome people: 1. Allow everyone to have access to the Blog, Facebook and Twitter The first fundamental change we made was to allow everyone on the team to post tweets, blog posts, and Facebook updates. It made a huge difference to really describe our transparency and offer different flavors of publishing. A great quote.

Eventually, this will just be another channel of communication that everyone will use, without wondering who and how”. With everyone blogging, you tell a better story. On our team, Alyssa started writing about how we deal with customer service. Tom started posting awesome photos on Facebook, he found they got more exposure than anything Turkey Phone Number we’ve ever posted before. For those who are watching, it becomes much more fun and interesting. He is not just another boy. If you’re thinking of trying this out, this was an important finding for us: Not everyone is sold on going in and sharing on your company’s Facebook wall and Twitter. Encouraging everyone and briefly brainstorming what they would like to share is very powerful. We’ve started talking about this a lot internally and quickly everyone started dipping their toes in the cold water with a tweet, Facebook post, and eventually an article.

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Especially the idea of ​​being “co-producers” of the first tweets. Facebook messages and blogs has worked very well for us to attract more people to the team in progress. Respond quickly and use your name Another key change we made was to radically customize our company’s. Twitter account and focus on decreasing response time. What we’ve found is that the more personal we could interact, the more likely people were to respond. Share their love about Buffer, and eventually even update their paid account. Here are some important things we have changed. We’ve listed everyone on the team in our Twitter bio so it’s clear there are real people tweeting and responding. We have started to end all tweets with the person’s name.

There seems to be a suggestion to use acronyms like “LW” to end tweets, but I’ve always found this to be rather impersonal. Using names makes a big difference: Another key improvement we made was to dramatically decrease our response time to incoming tweets. All of this led to hundreds more mentions on Twitter of people using their personal names like “Alyssa from Buffer” instead of just “Buffer.” It sparked a lot more interactions and more importantly, it made chatting on social media much more fun and casual. 3. Email changed from saying “don’t reply” to “please reply” Another big change we made, although strictly speaking it wasn’t a social media focused improvement, but had a massive impact on social media, was the way we send our emails.

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This is something we’ve actually done since the beginning, but recently it started to pay off. Every email we send has a short note or postscript at the end, urging you to reply to us, since we do the same thing. The results? Dozens of friendly responses, tweets, and even the press, just emphasizing how friendly we are when working with users: If you haven’t tried this yet, be sure to give it a try. The impact you can have with a simple friendly note and being around to answer any questions can go a long way. It makes a point about transparency and accessibility that is difficult to make otherwise. 4. Blog about other topics Another change that was also very painful was the direction of our blog.

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