Meeting room evictions are common in the corporate world. Founders are often replaced by outside investors during the growth process. Oussters occur when investors use Honduras Phone Number their influence on a company to pass a decision against the founder or its interests. The founders have only fond memories and fond stories of being the first owners of today’s multinational companies.

Founders may have to divest their shares in the company for strategic reasons such as expansion or during capital injections. In such cases, the founder may have to sell part of its assets to an external investor in exchange for a capital investment in the company. This is the most critical step in protecting a builder’s property and should be done with caution

Here Are a Few Ways as a Founder You Can Maintain Control of Your Business Despite Expansion and Growth.



  1. The first thing is to choose your investors carefully. You have to decide if you are a short-term investor or a long-term investor. This will lead to the type of episodes they come up with. You have to be a passionate investor and hire an expert to help you with the process
  2. You will need an attorney to draft the contract and a financial expert for appraisal advice. When defending your stake, think long -term and if possible, think long -term. Think back hundreds of years now. Have a balanced attitude when it comes to investor income
  3. Don’t be too strict with the unreasonable fear of losing control of your company and don’t be too lazy and take the first deal you get from
  4. A landlord agreement must be made with all builders distributing their shares. It defines the rights, duties and responsibilities of founders and investors. Some important provisions include the division classes and their rights associated with them. It is important as a founder to create another division class that has a higher right to a common division. This includes additional voter rights. Facebook Inc., for example, defended the founder’s assets by creating a special distribution class that carries 10 votes per division while one has one vote.
  5. You can maintain control of your business through an office sharing mechanism. You should have more representation on the board because the board is in charge of decision making. The higher your representation on the board the more likely you are to control the company. The use of an independent director may reduce the control that comes from policy in the office. This is because they are more likely to make unbiased decisions because they have little to gain from a coup.

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