The SDI, or “ Search Dependence index ” is an index created by the My Media agency of the Heroiks Group in order to allow brands to benchmark themselves on their dependence on the famous Mountain View Senegal WhatsApp Number List engine. At a time when Google’s governance is undergoing a facelift , and when its founding members are leaving the highest positions of the company, but also when the search engine is the subject of increasingly harsh criticism , this tool allows it is up to brands to check whether their model is endangered by too much dependence on this traffic supply channel, whether paid or free.

In this interview with François Liénart, director of studies and analytics at the Levallois agency, we will see that the main antidote to this dependence is brand awareness . The Dark Web and facial recognition are also well cited, but strangely, “ fake news ” is mentioned much less (pp 32,39,40,41,44) and by fewer authors. David Fayon had elected him “digital buzzword of the year 2019”, it’s crazy what fashions pass quickly.

Sdi, A Google Addiction Index To Help Brands

As François Liénart, Director of Studies & Analytics at Heroiks, who is responsible for this SDI project, explains, well-known brands have little to fear, or in any case, much less than the others. For others, more competitive and less leaders in their category, thinking about dependence on Google is a must. SDI can help them in this reflection.

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This is not to say that you should not use Google – even if we will ask this question again soon because it is topical – but rather to create your own seatbelt, to protect your brand and your notoriety, at a time when the Internet is gaining more and more importance in the advertising market , with a concentration of these new budgets in a few hands.

Damien Douani, for his part, with his usual commentary, points out to us that we are bitching about fake news but are the first to be at fault, because we “believe the first site to pass without going to check”. This is not true of Visionary Marketing of course.

Sdi, A Simple And Transparent Google Dependency Index

We designed this index to keep it simple, not to be an opaque mathematical algorithm. It is also transparent because everyone must be able to decipher its methodology. Criterion no.1: the percentage of “search” We started from a first criterion which consists in measuring, out of the 100% of incoming traffic to a site, the share of traffic that arrives through the “search” channel compared to direct visits (the Internet user typed directly the name of the domain in the URL bar of its browser) and to “referrers” (visits from a link hosted by a third-party site).

The “referrer” is important because for quite a long time, Google considered that the more we had, the more qualitative the site. Today, it is estimated that around 50% on average the visits that come from the “search” channel, all advertisers combined. The observation on the frequency is also revealing: the average of mailings is once every 25 days (in other words every month). Which is absolutely not enough. For content logic, a weekly frequency seems to us to be a minimum.

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