For startup failures: Marketing success always comes too late This may be the most obvious reason why the seller is to blame for everything: the marketing worked in the end, but it was too late. The product was finished (maybe even on time according to plan), so when it came to getting the word out, the salesperson couldn’t do his job. It can’t be the fault of bad planning, because well, the product was finished on time, right? The business plan said that marketing should start when the product was finished, and it also said that marketing had x weeks to be successful. So when the salesperson started marketing, did he have a business plan to follow?

Why this is total BS: What founders mostly forget when they claim that their failure is really the vendor’s fault, is that the vendor is usually not hired on time. CMOs are generally not founding members of the team, why? Because the founders decide that they need to invest everything in product development and show investors that they are spending money responsibly. Because the founders decide to write their marketing plan at the beginning, the marketer is only there to fine-tune and execute it. Reality Check for Founders: Do You Know Enough About Marketing to Plan Marketing Actions? Where did you get the knowledge that marketing only starts when the product is finished?

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The developer 6-12 months and then expect a marketer to be successful in 2? Why do you expect the vendor’s job to be easier than the developer’s? Marketers are not involved enough in the company This may be true in many cases. Marketers are often not very involved in the success of Oman phone number  company. Here’s why: Interns and low-level employees are often not that invested in a company’s success, so stop trying to create incredible marketing success by hiring interns. Hire a CMO, or better yet, make him a founding member of the team, with as much power as any other member of your core team. Outsourced salespeople are not as engaged as core team members. That’s the way it is. Have at least one core team member responsible for marketing.

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Outsourcing still has its benefits, but execution has to be in-house. Advice and ideas can come from outside. Both points lead to the same conclusion: that a marketer is the founding member of the team. Never treat your CMO like you don’t need to. If he does, he will lose his motivation. If he wants to blame the seller, in the end, make sure you invested enough in the seller in the beginning. Hey, before you read on, we have several FREE detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG. If you don’t want to blame the seller but rather kick start your marketing.

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The Social Traffic Code traffic code Marketing didn’t create enough sales leads… (no marketing department) I have seen startups that employed a small sales force. His plan was to create leads for these sellers through marketing. Good plan, if you have a plan on how to do it. When you ask these founders how they planned to do this and what exactly their marketing measures were, you get a dialog like this: “We did content marketing. But content marketing is overrated and never works. “What exactly did you do in content marketing?” “Er… sometimes we do blog posts.” “How often do you publish posts?” “We published 4 posts…” “Weekly?” “No, we wouldn’t have had time for that…

We published 4 blog posts in total.” “Uh…” “Yeah, well, we decided to let it slide; we weren’t interest in SEO traffic anyway…” As a seller, this is when you want to start screaming. First, SEO is not the reason you write a blog. SEO also doesn’t just happen by accident just because you published 4 posts in the same number of months. And when you want to do content marketing, you need to invest a couple of months at least before you start getting massive results. But it does not stop with just this dialogue. Keep going: “So who was responsible for writing posts and marketing in general?” “Well, everyone did a little…” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I just had to scream. So you had a team of 8 people and you managed to write 2400 words in 4 months (4 articles of 600 words each).

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