As soon as we are interested in the professional sphere , LinkedIn has become essential in the panorama of current social networks. We tend to Ethiopia Email List that this social network is mainly aimed at people who are looking for a job, the dream job. Think again ! Many professionals are present there to highlight their expertise , skills and know-how .

Those who have not yet taken the plunge must rectify this blunder at all costs. For the others (and I know there are many!) It’s time to give it all a makeover and not to leave this profile like an empty shell. “450 million subscribers and only 106 million active users” : we agree, only a quarter of subscribers fully invest in the platform. Would there not be a place to take?

Before I started writing this article, I read the multitude of articles that exist on this subject. To this end, I will cite that of Baptiste Chevalier of Social Media Pro , which is very methodological. For my part, I made the choice to synthesize by putting my finger on the essential elements in the creation and / or the update of a profile.

Who Are You ?

Just the other day, during a conversation, I heard a person declare that they never add a person, without a profile picture, a matter of principle when they receive LinkedIn invitations! It is the base of the base, the minimum. Again, not just any photo: be consistent with your other profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google +) do not hesitate to use the same photo (you thus build your brand image). Show yourself in a good light: smiling , communicating , sympathetic . Be nice, don’t put that sad photo on your ID card! (the one where you can’t smile!).

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Don’t neglect the cover photo either , it takes up space on this profile, don’t you think? What are you doing ?
If we take a linear reading, what comes next is your job , the job you do. Here, allow yourself a little originality, back up your words. Rather than rating HR Manager, prefer Talent Finder for example. Some recommend also putting the last two positions occupied (that goes without saying for those who are looking for a job: from the first lines, we talk about professional experiences ).

What Is Your Objective ?

Now, let’s see the part you’re going to have to spend a little more time on, I named the summary . What’s great is that the publisher gives you more or less carte blanche: it’s up to you to express yourself, make your future employer or employee dream ! Speak in the first person , engage your readers. This is when you start to unveil the plot, after having exposed the initial situation, the disruptive element arrives: here, a character (you) who wishes to share his expertise , make all his knowledge benefit , his knowledge .

And not to leave your readers in doubt, insert the famous CTAs ( Take a look here if you forgot the definition ) which will allow you to take the next step. In order to develop an effective online presence , the home page of your website must be given special attention since it is the first page of the site. So in order to optimize it, the page must be at the same time simple , effective and relevant for Internet users. They must at first glance understand what the site offers and clearly identify the different pages (pages which must be quick to access and sufficiently evocative).

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