pronouncement sway you in the least. You can play this game in return. Give the seller your name and tell him Spain Phone Number or her to give you a call when things quiet down. Chances are, you’ll get a call within two days. The third seller is “the Pretender”. This type will run some ads for the business.

Just to test the market

But will never fully commit to selling. He or she may offer the business at an exorbitant price just to see if there’s a buyer out there willing to take the bait. If there is one, he or she will sell out for the full amount and nothing less.

Spain Phone Number

This is also the person

Who wastes your time by indicating interest in selling but just wants to see what his business is worth on the open market. Another type of pretender is the type who shows seller’s remorse- he thinks he or she wants to sell, but when it comes down to it, can’t bear to let go. To respond, you must pretend as well.

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