We are launching a survey on the e-reputation of companies. in order to better define the perception that employees, managers and directors have of their company’s e-reputation. Survey: the e-reputation of South Africa WhatsApp Number List seen from the inside (5 min). The pioneer in e-reputation consulting Alterbuzz and the marketing information site Visionary Marketing are jointly conducting a survey on the e-reputation of companies (private, public, associations, etc.) among directors, managers, employees and similar (excluding agencies of communication and marketing).

This survey aims to better understand what the e-reputation of your company means for you and your colleagues and / or colleagues. The real challenge is to make these kinds of tools work in a real work environment. The real problem with producing content is that you often start with a recording. This is because it is much less demanding than taking notes, and also much more relevant and reliable.

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So even though natural language processing has been around for a long time, until now there has never been a suitable tool capable of detecting different voices in the same recording. As well as a system capable of transcribing any type of voice and any type of accent without any training.

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Nuance, which has just dropped support for Dragon for Mac, leaving a huge void in this market, still requires adequate training and is only able to detect one voice at a time. Trint, on the contrary, is extraordinary. So I use it all the time, fully focusing on the quality of my content, other than just trying to remember what the person said or, worse yet, spending hours trying to transcribe it. she said.

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To be sure, post-war Britain was more than slightly destabilized by the Blitz, but the quality of the photos we took there in the 1960s would have been much closer to what we see on the right (no it’s not Eli Khamarov and his brothers) than that of the author in his biography above.

If we look at this biography of Eli Khamarov, we discover some disturbing facts. On the one hand, as I demonstrated above, he was born in 1948, and the photo of the man in his 20s looks slightly odd. Then the biography does not say much about his life in particular but it is very emphatic: “He has the humor of Mark Twain (sic! I guess it is Mark Twain) and who has” the vision of a Juvenal ”and also“ a sense of self-criticism ”.

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