LinkedIn is a very useful tool for networking between professionals. But there’s something that isn’t talked about enough: LinkedIn has a powerful Peru Email List platform. It is surely the most effective network to target professionals according to their company or sector of activity. If you’re new to LinkedIn advertising, fear not, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to setting up your first LinkedIn advertising campaign.

The advantage over digital training is the availability of the coach to respond to your blockages. The digital coach shows great flexibility to help you put his knowledge into practice, for example you can call him between 2 learning sessions to help you unblock a situation or to obtain advice. The coach mobilizes his knowledge to focus on your results.

Create Your Advertising Account

Your LinkedIn advertising campaigns are carried out on a separate platform from the one you see every day: the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions platform . To advertise on Linkedin, you must first create an advertising account associated with your Company Page. Visit this page to launch your campaign, and select “Create Ad”.

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When you click on “ Create Ad, ” you will be prompted to create a LinkedIn Campaign Manager account (if you haven’t already). Be sure to enter your associated LinkedIn Company Page if you have one. Then you will be taken to your dashboard. If you haven’t entered your billing information , you will need to do so to unlock your account. Don’t worry, you won’t be billed until your campaign is live, and then you will be billed periodically based on ad results (clicks, engagements, etc.).

Define The Campaign

To advertise on Linkedin you will always have to go through two main phases: the first is the setting up of the campaign. Once in your advertising account you can click on “Create a campaign”. First, indicate a campaign group and name your campaign. Campaign groups help you organize your campaign. You can leave the default campaign group as is, or create a new group.

As for the name of the campaign, it is only visible internally . We therefore recommend that you choose a very informative name , especially if there are several of you working on the campaign. On your dashboard, or “ Campaign Manager ” as it’s also called, you’ll see a button for “Create Campaign”. Click this button and you will be taken to a page where you can start setting up your campaign. The real difference between the two options lies in the implementation of the process of automating the tasks of your company, in other words the coach teaches you to become autonomous . This training saves you time, maximizes your productivity and also gets you ahead of your competition.

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