That can deliver a message in an immediate and attractive way. Generating a link between the content that is being shared and the reader that we hope will consume it. Without forgetting that content is king , we want to show you how images can work to achieve greater interaction between your brand and your customers, without the need for them to be planned images of the best quality. Studies conducted by different brands have shown that images. Use as posts, can attract positive comments, likes, retweets and content to share.

You will have to move to the visual world and we want you to start off on the right foot, so we share with you 6 different ways to take creative and  even Belgium Phone Number spontaneous photographs , which will increase the interaction between your brand and customers on your social networks and the reach of your posts. You do not need to have a professional camera, since fortunately there are options on the market that are accessible through mobile devices such as smartphones . Product images taken by you These images are basic and it is not valid to leave them aside.

on Social Media Through Creative

You always have to show what you want to sell, so don’t limit yourself and upload images of your products from different angles and with their different presentations. Don’t skimp on quantity but learn the best times to share without going overboard and annoying your followers. Another option is to look for situations in which your product can collaborate and help solve a problem and add an image of that moment, accompanied by a phrase that says how your product can collaborate to solve that problem. Create a folder on your Facebook and add these images, along with an attractive name that gives them personality.

On Instagram you can make use of hashtags and create one that suits your brand. And is adaptable to any situation, for example Remember that quantity counts, but quality lasts. Behind-the-scenes photos Followers who admire a brand always want to know. what is behind its official images and what a normal day in the company is like. For this reason, you can take behind-the-scenes images of what you do in the company, for example. Of your photo sessions and thus show the client that you are preparing to deliver quality content. Manage these images as exclusive photos, images to create expectation or tested images of a campaign.

We Have Mentioned That Images Are Elements

Images that generate expectation Add some striking phrase that generates expectation with the target audience, without the need to add the image of any of your products. Combine data, text and graphics that invite your customers to enter your site and learn what you have to offer them. This can be useful for use in contests, product launches, or to display special promotions. Collage of your products Maybe you want to showcase an entire collection or review an event. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine several of them together. On Twitter, this can serve to show many images at once and invite your customers to learn more about it. You should only add a spontaneous, descriptive and strong phrase, with the aim of keeping the client interested.

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