See how far the seller goes with the negotiation, but regard it only as practice since you’ll never get anywhere with him or her. For that reason, there is no need to stress out here as long as you remember that, with a pretender, you will most likely never see a deal go through. Question.

How do I find out exactly

What the seller will accept for the business before I make an offer? Answer: The deployment of so-called “strategic tactics” often works. This is when you ask friends or associates, or “decoys”, to approach the seller playing the role of a serious buyer by offering a ridiculously low price.


Should they be successful in getting

The seller to agree to some of their terms, this would be invaluable information for you to use during negotiations. If an associate or friend were to offer a price much below what the seller required, this would raise doubts in the seller’s mind about the worth of his business. Once the seller’s guards are down, you will be able to easily convince him to sell it at your desired price.

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