They are the ones found on social platforms today and the ones that have already begun to reach our companies. A few days ago we read a recent report where we rescued some interesting data. On how Generation Z sees the future in terms of economy, work and technology. “Generation Z doesn’t want to have a comfortable corporate job.” The so-called Millennials will be the predominant workforce in the coming years , but Generation. Made up of people who were born in the mid-90s or later – are also entering this scene. And according to a recent survey carried out in the US they are planning their future. The survey, conducted by Northeastern University, asked more than 1,000 teens ages 16 to 19 about their thoughts on the future , finances and technology.

Perhaps because of the experience of seeing their parents dealing with the financial crisis just a few years ago, 60% of those surveyed are worried about having enough money, and 64% about getting a job. They are worried about the debt they may have Armenia Cell Phone Numbers in the future due to student loans, a quarter think that they will not be able to handle any debt in the medium term. Generation Z: more entrepreneurs and independent workers They don’t have the illusion of being in a comfortable corporate job. Four out of ten respondents think they will work independently instead of developing a professional career in some company (that is, according to the United States Census, this is four times higher than the actual percentage of people who work for free). own account).

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Some 63% of those surveyed also think that entrepreneurship and how to start. A business should be taught and learned in college. Incredibly. Gen Z seems not to embrace technology Not so decidedly (according to this report) or at least they are more given. The human interactions of the offline world than those that occur online. Only 15% of those surveyed say they prefer to talk to their friends through social media, rather than in person. 38% say that most of their purchases are made online. Perhaps the so-called Generation Z is more timid in Social Media due to previous experiences learned from others; More than half of those survey said they know people who harasse or intimidate through digital platforms.

Generation Z is much more liberal when it comes to some social issues. Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed believe that everyone should have the right to marry. that transgender people should have the same rights. More than half of all respondents think everyone. Have the right to become (US) citizens, and nearly two-thirds believe health care should be free for everyone. They may change as they get older, but Generation Z is proving to be much more socially responsible than its predecessors. We will see. Saving the differences with our Venezuelan environment. It would be very interesting to have similar data that allows us to identify future trends in terms of economy.

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Which is a headache for those of us who work in Social. Media and the owners of brands/projects that use Facebook to reach their audiences. The competition in the Facebook News Feed to be read/seen is very tough. If Facebook continues to limit the number of Posts that in users’ News Feed , the demand for Posts and Ads will continue to increase. And with this increase in advertising demand on Facebook will come the increase in prices. According to an Ad Week articleEarlier this year, Facebook Ads prices were 10% higher in Q1 2014 than Q1 2013. This trend is likely to continue in 2015 if organic reach from Fan Pages continues to drop.

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