Has consumer protection really been improved with the GDPR? In my quest for the true Spain WhatsApp Number List of the 2018 regulations, after the interview with David Luponis de Mazars , I went to the source of the matter by interviewing Régis Barbier, founder and president of the IDAIA Group, the company’s new brand name. Cartégie.

Consumer protection and GDPR: can really do better – image in partnership with Jumpstory. The answers of the founder of one of the oldest of the French Big Data companies did not really reassure me. I suppose they will not comfort the consumer himself either, in the fact that the respect of their data has improved.

One Of The Oldest Businesses In The World: Data Commerce

Founder of Cartégie, renamed the IDAIA Group, he is one of the pioneers of Big Data and the data trade that everyone is talking about, forgetting that it has already existed for 30 years. Certainly, mail order is old-fashioned today, and yet… Beyond words, the concepts have not really changed. E-commerce, already a quarter of a century old, has followed in the footsteps of the big mail-order companies and it is therefore not surprising that Groupe IDAIA is at the head of 40 million French profiles.

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Out of 68 million people, that still makes, if I count correctly, nearly 60% of the population whose data is stored in the warehouses of the IDAIA Group. It’s not nothing. Good news, confirmed by BPI France , Groupe IDAIA does not play with our data: “[…] Rest assured, the data is being collected against the agreement of the interested parties”. Which still implies that 40 million people have given their consent.

Accept The Failure Of The Gdpr In Consumer Protection … To Go Further

In a sense, accepting this acknowledgment of failure is already a sign that we can lead the way towards more ethical marketing . A new path, because we cannot say that the Vépécistes shone by their sense of morality for many years. It is easy to repeat each time that marketing has everything to gain, in terms of image, but also in efficiency, on the protection of consumer data. The GDPR hasn’t changed the fact that the temptation to build fast and cheap databases is too strong for some marketers.

Groupe IDAIA shows with its charter that another way is possible… even if page 6 makes us doubt a little
The concrete applications of BIG DATA LAB are to constantly offer new business data to our customers – thanks to exclusive data collected and analyzed on the web, social networks, the press, etc. – using new crawling techniques , scraping, semantic analysis and machine learning – in order to improve their processes and the efficiency of their marketing and sales actions.

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