At the end of the 1990s, I was Afghanistan Phone Number List ten years old and happily discovered computer science. To a letter written on Word (printed then sent by mail) to one of my old uncles, the latter replied to a handwritten letter which ended as follows: “I preferred to write to you by hand because sentimentally it has more. valuable “. 20 years later, the video of a doctor announcing by teleconference his near death to an old man in an American hospital has made the rounds on social media. In the digital age, human contact has become a

luxury Beware, cream pie: in all sectors digital has enabled fantastic efficiency gains. Above all, it saved time. Faster processing of back-office processes, reduced travel, faster communications and almost instant access to information. These advances have benefited all value chains, from the supplier of raw materials to end customers. In the private sphere, digital technology has revolutionized the way people learn, meet and get information. The direct result, in this now digital world, is the significant reduction in human interactions. Digital in B2C This is particularly evident in B2C. Any information on the new product? Everything is on the

In The Digital Age, Human Contact Has

site. Need advice on how to use it? Find the answer on our forum! You need help ? Ask the chatbot. If he doesn’t know how to answer it, read the FAQ. Lastly, send an email to the support service. The human disappears. The relationship is at best in writing, because it’s more efficient than on the phone. Asynchronous is more efficient because availabilities are difficult to synchronize. The human disappears because the human is expensive, because time is worth money. More often than not, the advances made possible by digital technology perfectly meet customer needs. Human interactions, however, remain the best


vectors for a quality customer relationship. The high-end brands were not mistaken. In the clothing sector, for example, listening to customers and advising at De Fursac or Weston, autonomy for customers with generalist brands. In high-end “houses”, you have the store’s phone number, or even your consultant’s business card. Digital in education In education, the digital breakthrough is measured by the time spent by younger generations in front of screens. Debates are agitating professionals and parents about the place of screens in schools and secondary establishments. The promises of digital technology (increased motivation,

Digital In B2c

collaborative work, gamification of learning, etc.) come up against the announced effects of overexposure to screens: addiction, difficulty concentrating, social difficulties. If the young generations must naturally be able to understand the world of 2019, and therefore master digital tools, human relations remain an essential vector in their construction. Help children build themselves without screens Pediatrician offices are swarming with posters warning parents about too much exposure of their children to screens and about… the lack of attention paid to their children by parents constantly on their screens.

In Silicon Valley, many officials or former leaders of giants of the tech world, including GAFAM, practice “low-tech parenting” by limiting screen time and social networks to their children, or even by sending them. in “low-tech schools” in which screens are banned before the age of 13. I find this particularly revealing. This will serve your purpose all the more. The gender equality index respects these principles. Despite its limitations, it makes it easy to highlight companies that do not respect the principles of equal pay. Thanks to the phenomenon of “shaming”, he can succeed in improving equality between women and men, a great cause of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term.

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