Pepsico’s Frito-lay revealed the details of its co-branded super bowl. Campaign for Doritos and Cheetos flamin’ hot, including the full in-game spot. Starring musicians Megan thee stallion and charlie puth, per an announcement. The Tongliao Phone Number ad, previously teased through a series of trailers, depicts. An explorer accidentally dropped her bags of Doritos flamin’ hot cool ranch. And Cheetos flamin’ hot crunchy on the forest floor. A menagerie of animals quickly samples the snacks and reacts. To Tongliao Phone Number the spicy flavor, with their noises coalescing into a reimagined version. Of Salt-N-Pepa’s “push it” featuring puth and Megan thee stallion. After that, To support the ad, Frito-lay will debut a flamin’ hot hub on Feb. 5 carrying information on its flamin’. Hot portfolio, recipe ideas, and auxiliary big game content.

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To receive an email newsletter dedicated. Above all, To Tongliao Phone Number flamin’ hot announcements around partnerships and merchandise. While the marketer is plotting other activations. To stir the pot around the super bowl on social media. Dive Insight: Frito-lay is leveraging the massive stage. Of the super bowl to shine a light on its flamin’ hot Doritos and Cheetos offerings. A product lineup that has inspired cult-like devotion. And an extensive — even controversial — mythos. Above all, This is the first appearance of the flamin’ hot brand at the big game. Although the marketer’s Doritos flamin’ hot nacho. The Tongliao Phone Number flavor was featured in 2019. The blockbuster debut arrives as the flamin’ hot segment. Continues a winning streak. The PepsiCo-owned marketer cited data that spicy-salty snacks. The category has seen a 12% increase in sales over the past four years. Along with robust online discussion.

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In addition,  800,000 tweets about Cheetos. Flamin’ hot over a year-long period, Frito-lay said, without. Specifying the time frame. The Tongliao Phone Number super bowl campaign focuses on ambassadors who share a kindred spirit with. After that, The flamin’ hot ethos. One of Megan thee stallion’s biggest singles is “hot girl summer,” and the rapper. Has entered other brand tie-ups along similar lines. In addition, Last fall, she developed a custom hottie sauce for popeyes that appeared. On its popular chicken sandwich menu item. In the Frito-lay commercial. The rapper embodies a fiery songbird and pays homage to salt-n-Pepa. Whose name shares a thematic link with the concept. Put portrays a beatboxing fox in the 60-second. The spot that looks to harness some ’80s nostalgia.

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