Subscription tool that allows you to follow any blog/online magazine/feed you want. It will pull all the articles you need to read into its UI, allowing you to open it and consume the content you need to consume. Hey, before you read on, we have several FREE detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG Feedly, 11 tools for blogs What’s more. Feedly is available on almost any platform: you can use it on your desktop via its web UI.

Android or iOS devices via their apps, you can connect it to other apps via IFTTT (see below), and you can also use for content discovery. All apps stay in sync through a unified login, so you’ll always have the same content sources across devices. It’s very convenient, because you can have it in the background at all times: subscribe to new feeds when you find them, and then read the content when you’re on a train, waiting at the doctor, or anywhere else you don’t have. nerve for productive tasks. Do you want to crack ” The Social Traffic Code ” for your blog?

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Traffic code 2.Google Analytics This may be a fact as Google Analytics is probably the most common tool in the blogosphere. But I wanted to list it here as it is essential. Google Analytics Blog Tools Google Analytics is a free analytics tool for websites of any kind. You can easily integrate Indonesia phone number it into your WordPress blog and it provides detailed statistics on the web traffic you get. It allows you to observe visitors in real time, track which referral links bring you the most traffic, which posts reach the largest audience on social media, how many clicks you receive daily, how well your search engine optimization works,… Google Analytics has thousands of options.

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You can combine reports (how many social media visitors clicked on your ads after coming to your site through a specific landing page), define events (how many conversions you got from each variant of a landing page), and much more. .. In fact, it’s so overwhelming that even though most bloggers have it installed on their blog (it’s free, after all), many hardly even look at it. That is an error! What you need to do, right from the start, is install it and let it grow with your success as a blogger. At first, you may only need the most basic predefined results, but with increasing success, more traffic, and more experience, you may want to dig deeper and examine your audience and the effectiveness of various traffic sources. Google Analytics gives you the power to do this for free!

Grammarly Or Other Style

Checking tools Let’s talk about checking your writing style, spelling, and grammar with the Grammarly tool. Until now, all the tools were free, this one is not. It’s not even cheap ($29.95/month, 59.95/quarter, or 139.95/year), and I can understand if you’re not ready to make the investment just yet. But even if you decide you want to go for an alternative, try the free demo (which comes with greatly reduced abilities). However, before we move on to the alternatives, let’s talk a bit about Grammarly, because it’s simply so much better than any alternative. Grammarly is not just a simple spell checking tool, it also checks your grammar and writing style. And it does a good job at that.

Every post we write goes to Grammarly once it’s finished. Grammarly gives you recommendations on how to improve your writing, identifies grammatical errors and typos, and always gives you the option to completely ignore the recommendation it makes. However, the greatness of Grammarly is not just that it does a good job with its core features (it does). The real power of Grammarly is how well it integrates into your workflow. You can integrate it directly into Chrome through its plugin, which allows you to open it for any text you type in your browser. Or you can download the desktop app and use it as your editor. Or you can even download an add-in for Word and continue writing directly within that software.

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