“Findability” is quite simply the fact of being findable on the Internet and social media, by first name, last name and skills. I must admit that I did not Niger Email List the existence of this term – itself the literal translation of English “findability” – and when Martine Le Jossec suggested that I make a video on this subject, I had everything immediately accepted. It must be said that I had a little idea behind my head, in order to illustrate my course on content marketing, word of mouth and social media .

Martine had already enlightened us on the roles and duties of the community manager , so let’s see here how she sees the importance of findability. (let’s forget the quotes for the rest of this post) on social media for social account managers as well as brands.

Findability On Social Media And Community Managers

Findability – literal translation from English “findability” – on social media is simply the fact of being findable on the Internet. And this is very important for community managers and the brands they represent. Often, during the lessons I teach at my favorite school , I realize that the students do not want to get wet on social networks. For them, this is my interpretation, these networks are part of the private sphere and the idea of ​​doing something vaguely related to the professional world seems incongruous to them.

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In any case, as soon as we ask them to tweet a message less superficial than an animated gif or a looped video stitched on TikTok, we witness a rather confusing blockage. If not outright hostility and the refusal to create a social media account at all. Coming from accounting students, why not. But on the part of those destined for careers in digital, here is a very bizarre reaction. No doubt we are also witnessing a change in the nature of the Internet, and indeed in the perception of it by new generations. And not necessarily in the sense that we think.

Who Is Internet Findability For?

For example, imagine a student who has just graduated. It is important that it be found on the Internet because the first person who has their CV in their hands will automatically search for their name on Google. It is important that he works on LinkedIn as well, on the basis of his professional presence , to be findable as a professional. This is the number one reason to be interested in findability on social media, Martine tells us.

The second reason is that if you are, for example, a professional in Motion Design, or in marketing, it is important that we come across you and that we find you if we are looking for you. The third reason is that today, quite simply, most people look first on the Internet and especially social media when they are looking for a professional. They will use their network. The internet, and social media in particular, have become private talking points in the minds of their future recruits. It’s a shame, and what’s more, it’s a misguided view, and the 4th Hootsuite – Visionary Marketing barometer once ag

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