What a pleasure to once again host this training in a one-day workshop format. This format is particularly suitable and was intended for Malaysia Email List and business leaders who have joined the accelerator club of the Nantes – Saint Nazaire CCI.

This digital workshop also allowed them to develop digital skills and have very rich discussions around digital, both in strategy and in execution and sharing of good experiences. The “accelerator club” group includes 18 members, a majority of them were present for this day.

What Was The Theme Of This Training And This Digital Workshop?

The theme of the previous training answered the following question: how to start and build your presence on social networks with a special focus on Facebook and Instagram . This time, the theme of the digital workshop answered the following problem: How to optimize the complementarity between my physical business and my digital offer? Digital workshop – Accelerator Club – by Stéphane FRABOUL

Malaysia Email List

Facebook’s attribution model: a unique model # 1. Facebook can track conversions based on impressions
Facebook counts a conversion even if a user has never clicked on a Facebook ad. With Facebook Attribution, you can see exactly which ads are driving action. The principle ? You assign conversion credit to customer journey marketing touchpoints, on and off Facebook, to better understand what drives results for your business.

The Context And Nature Of The Need

Definition of a phygital strategy. Have a showcase site or commercial site? Sell ​​on its site or on a marketplace? The economic model. Digital point of sale experience. Expectations by customer type (digital native, active, senior, etc.), targets to be identified. Communicate and sell on social networks
Knowledge of tools for scalable and adaptable websites . OBJECTIVES AND RESULTS OF A DIGITAL WORKSHOP Have a methodology and have the keys to success for :

Develop turnover Find an economic model of the digital offer: price consistency between the physical and digital offer Increase awareness of the point of sale with digital technology Have the data and make the most of it for the companyAdapt to new consumer purchasing behavior (differentiation of its offer)
Retain in-store customers of the digital offer WHERE DID THIS DIGITAL WORKSHOP TAKE PLACE?
The workshop took place in an exceptional setting that is Angers French Tech

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