And that is why we organized a webinar counting the necessary ingredients to successfully monetize with Fan Subscriptions. To do so, we had three luxury guests, three creators who earn relevant income from their content. And who told us their strategies first-hand: Santiago Camacho ( Strange Days ), Dani Caran ( Casus Belli ) and Iñaki Angulo ( Soccer for Smart ). Get it back in podcast format too ! The keys to boost Subscriptions for Fans Fan Subscriptions are the model with which. As a podcaster you can get monthly recurring contributions from listeners. In return, your Fans receive personalized rewards, which you choose.

Why monetize with Fan Subscriptions? It is a predictable model, where the supports have a renewal rate of 95%, “with a very high retention that allows you to know the profits that you will generate and helps you plan,” explained Laura Torner, the Jamaica Phone Number head of marketing and content by iVoox. In 3 years, the model has generated more than 1 million euros in support for podcasters, has more than 2,000 creators monetizing and more than 60,000 unique supports . “People are willing to support the podcaster, and according to data from a recent survey of our listeners, 54% would be willing to pay for exclusive content,” Torner stressed. The main motivations: Help the creator financially .

Earning Income the Podcast

Santiago Camacho is the director of one of the most successful programs on the platform, Días Extraños . Camacho decided to activate the Subscriptions for Fans after a year and a half broadcasting the podcast, and when he already had a community behind him. He announced it at a difficult moment, and the reception was brutal. ” People believe in your project and what you are doing, and then they support you “, commented Camacho. Listen to it without advertising . Listeners appreciate being able to eliminate interruptions when listening to your podcast. Access exclusive content . The most important thing at this point is to define a clear strategy, as well as maintain a commitment to your audience.

In his Casus Belli podcast , fans enjoy an extra weekly episode that is more specialized than the rest of the content. Likewise, through the Community tool , he gives access to a membership blog, with articles that can only be accessed with a password, which he shares in exclusive posts: The Community tool can be used to share membership posts, with access reserved for Fans Spin-offs Publish extended versions of your programs. For example, Camacho offers the first two hours of the podcast to all listeners, but his “Third Hour” is only available to Fans.

Webinar Monetize Your Podcast

It is produced with a much more personal and relaxed tone, and is highly demanded by its followers. Advances Offer your extra episodes a few days before for your Fans. You can choose the date you want the episode to be released to the rest of the listeners automatically. Caran diversifies her strategies, and this is the one she employs on the Victoria Podcast . Subscribers receive a push notification with this advance , which ends up being a claim to get support. Subscribers are notified of the episode’s early access, generating endorsements. Close of history You can also take advantage of all that content already published and that your listeners have already. Able to listen to to get new support without having to create new content .

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