Facebook Search: opening of advertising to more advertisers
Facebook Search allows more advertisers to place ads in search results on its Iceland Email List network. An advertising placement that is still in testing since last year, first rolled out to a number of companies in the United States last December. Facebook Search ads are still limited to a small group of retail, automotive and now e-commerce advertisers.

With this new advertising format Promoted Trend Spotlight, Twitter hopes to attract French advertisers. The latter should indeed be seduced by an attractive display and encouraging performance for the time being. Promoted Trend Spotlight is just one of them. Available since 2018 in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan, this advertising service is now deployed in twelve new countries, including France. Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Spain, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Thailand will also be able to benefit from this year 2020 .

What To Know About Facebook Search Ads

Facebook search or “Facebook Search” is an additional placement option available when creating ad campaigns for the News Feed. This means that businesses can’t show ads in Facebook search results without showing them in the Facebook News Feed as well. Facebook Search ads, like news feed ads, are labeled “Sponsored”. Two format possibilities: static image or carousel. Unlike Google Ads, there is no option to target specific keywords or phrases with Facebook Search ads.

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When a business places an ad in Facebook Search, the ad is displayed for search terms related to the business’s listings. The best way to target various keywords is to make sure they appear on your business Facebook page at some point. Ads appear in search results for queries deemed to have the same business intent. Advertisers cannot select keywords or phrases for search advertising campaigns.

Opening Of Advertising To More Advertisers

Facebook’s ad inventory is saturated, finding new ad placements is great news for the # 1 social network and for advertisers.

Having the ability to show ads in Facebook search results, both in the News Feed and within the Marketplace, opens up new possibilities, especially for SMEs and service providers who will be able to reach users engaged in finding their services.

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