Facebook rolls out new features on its video maker kit tool
Facebook has Italy Email Database several new features to the Video Maker Kit, also including a tool that will automatically create multiple versions of a video with different aspect ratios.

A tool to resize videos
Facebook now allows advertisers to optimize the size of their videos for different ad placements. With the click of a button, it is possible to automatically transform a single video into multiple videos with different aspect ratios to optimize different placements, such as Newsfeed and Stories environments. According to the Facebook post: “You’ll save time and create video ads that appear tailored to each location, without having to pull additional content or edit manually. ”

Zoom On All The New Features Available

New Facebook Video Editing Options : Facebook Video Maker Kit has more templates, including a single image template for adding visually appealing movement to a static image. Also, 20 new fonts are available to create text overlays on a video and further personalize your video content. There are also new seasonal and event stickers that can be added to your videos, including stickers for Mother’s Day, back to school, and more.

Italy Email Database

Facebook will roll out more seasonal stickers throughout the year. The # 1 social network has therefore added other templates to the video maker kit to help all businesses find a format that suits their brand and their advertising goal (s).

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Saving drafts of your videos : it is now possible to save drafts of your videos created in the video creation kit to avoid having to start from scratch your achievements if you leave the editor in the meantime, leaving your pending creation. Click on this link if you want all the information you need to create a video ad on Facebook.

Instead of removing videos identified as deepfakes by its moderation teams, Facebook has instead chosen to label them as “fake news”. The social network knows full well that by deleting them from its platform, they would remain available elsewhere on the web. With this labeling, users will now be fully informed about the nature of the content they are about to watch or share.

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