Facebook has rolled out these days a small and practical update that allows. You to have more control and better manage your News Feed. Now you can know which Fan Pages or profiles you are seeing more often on your news feed and banish. Their content forever and not see them anymore. News Feed: greater control of what we see. From the Facebook mobile app, in the settings area, select Manage News Feed or Manage News Feed. There you will see a summary page that shows what you have seen the most in the last week, and which you can unfollow. The idea is that in this section you can quickly follow or unfollow people, pages or groups on Facebook.

Similarly, there, in the menu at the top of this window, you can find specifically the people, Pages, and Groups you want to appear or not appear in your News Feed. You can also use this feature to get rid of specific stories in the News Feed that you South Korea Phone Number don’t want to see. This is done with a simple tap on the arrow in the top right corner of the story. This isn’t new, but what is new is that you now have the option to say you want to see less of the person who posted it. This whole process is explained in the video below. At the moment, we are seeing this update in the Facebook mobile application , and it will gradually be rolled out in the different versions that exist, including the desktop one.

Junk Content Out of News Feed

And yes, perhaps you are going to unfollow more than one family member on Facebook. Even if it seems unpleasant, it is good for everyone. That there are fewer things that you do not like in the News Feed. Don’t you think? Much has been written. Similarly, years about the rise of Social Media and how, in this new 7x24x365 connected culture. Our digital professions leave behind the already classic “8 to 5” job. We know firsthand that social media wouldn’t be viable without people, without the hard work of keeping our digital presence alive. And this implies an immense load of work hours and activities to be carried out. Reflecting on this, we wanted to share in this article some practices and habits that in this case.

A Social Media Manager could adopt in order not to fall victim to karoshi in front of the computer and continue enjoying the exciting world of social channels with greater effectiveness. Social Media Manager: 7 habits to increase effectiveness. Listen carefully to what people are saying about your brand. You probably already do it –and that’s good because this activity is undoubtedly. The most important thing you need to know day by day, every minute. This gives you clear direction, helps you decide what you need to do to transform social. Mentions into positive conversation about the brand. The monitoring tools will help you carry. Out the digital analysis and keep all the elements clearly on the strategic board to make decisions in your communication or marketing deployment.

This Whole Process Is Explained

Similarly, the metrics in detail. Numbers, numbers, numbers, this is also the day to day of a Social Media Manager , it is what is hidden behind. The success of a campaign. Be aware of the metrics you need to achieve, learn about engagement metrics. New followers, your site’s CTR, return on ad spend, and how social media plays a key role. Add the individual analysis of each social network together with all the monitoring tools you have. Similarly, find the most detailed and comprehensive picture possible of what happens through the channels. Observe the neighborhood. It is true, the day to day consumes us and it is often difficult to take our eyes off our own channels and see what others are doing.

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