In a previous post, we saw how to identify the competition on Facebook , but it is also important to manage your own community as well as Lesotho Email List with the appropriate tools. With this in mind, Facebook provides users with various very practical tools! You probably know the pages to represent a brand, but today I will focus on groups and thus deduce the main benefits they can bring.

Creating a group is easy as pie! You just have to click on the little triangle pointing down at the top in the blue Facebook bar, then click on ” Create a group “. Attention, you must invite at least one person in your group so that it can be created! If you are curious, the “New groups” button will allow you to discover different groups created on Facebook in many areas.

The Advantages At. Segment Qualified Users

In a professional use, the groups make it possible in a way to compartmentalize different services. Moreover, it will be necessary to recommend the use of personal email addresses (those used for customers’ Facebook profiles) previously provided. In this case, the group must be closed or secret!

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Example: You are a structure that gives training in web development, you can very well create dedicated groups for beneficiaries according to the training offered (Name of the structure – PHP training, Name of the structure – Javascript training, etc. ). Below, the example of the closed group of IMCI (a school which trains in the professions of Comunity Management in Paris), which integrates students, trainers and teachers.

Vs. Connect Members To Each Other

Once the segmentation is done, the groups make it possible to retain users . As in the previous example, students can ask questions or ask for advice. Even former students who are still members can bring their contribution such as feedback. Although Messenger support (Facebook’s instant chat service) is more relevant for this, it is quite possible for small organizations to provide customer support through groups.

It is also possible to create and share files within a group! In the “More” tab you have the possibility to create a file (in the form of a Facebook article) or to import one from your device. The maximum size should not exceed 100 MB, which is more than enough for text files in general. Indeed, integrating people into a group who share the same interests thanks to this group will facilitate online and even offline exchanges! Putting members in touch with each other can offer new opportunities!

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