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Increased transparency for social issues, election or political announcements in more countries
Facebook is stepping up its efforts to protect the integrity of elections Hong Kong Email List the world. To do this, the social network deploys its transparency tools on a global scale for advertisers wishing to broadcast ads on social issues, elections or politics. Facebook is also expanding the proactive application of these announcements to countries where elections or regulations are approaching, starting with Ukraine, Singapore, Canada and Argentina.

Facebook watch
Today, there are over 720 million people per month and 140 million people per day who spend at least one minute on Watch. On average, daily visitors spend more than 26 minutes per day on Watch. How to take advantage of this captive audience? By showing in-stream video ads on Facebook. Over 70% of in-stream ad impressions are viewed to completion, most with audio.

New Features In The Video Creation Kit

Facebook’s Video Maker Kit makes it easy to make compelling video ads by converting static images and text into engaging video ads optimized for mobile. The social network recently introduced more tools to help advertisers customize, automate, and improve your workflow: font templates and options, draft saving capabilities, and more.

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Introducing branded content ads on Instagram
Facebook strives to create the right tools for businesses and creators involved in branded content offerings, and heeds demands, such as integrating branded content posts into advertisers’ advertising strategies. One example: Facebook has incorporated the ability for brands to promote posts of designer organic branded content as advertisements.

Why The Community Should Be Your Next Creative Muse

As we become more and more connected, people are redefining the concept of community. A recent global survey found that 72% of those polled considered the existing community to be both online and offline, and 74% now expect brands to actively contribute to society.

Readable ads improvements and new metrics for interactive ads
People who installed an app through a readable ad opened the app 60% more often and were 6 times more likely to make an in-app purchase. Facebook recently extended the ad format to Audience Network as part of award-winning video and interstitial placements. The social network is also deploying three new statistics in Ads Manager. The goal: to help you better understand the engagement of all your interactive ads.

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