Thanks to this tool, structures can access all the functionalities of Facebook, Dubai Email List and Instagram. Among the possibilities offered by Business Suite, simultaneous publication on Facebook and Instagram, management of notifications and messages as well as a look at all the statistics and performance of Facebook Ads campaigns .

No more juggling between Facebook Business Manager, Creator Studio and Pages Manager to manage all of your pages. Available on the desktop or via a new mobile application, this novelty is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to stay up to date on all their channels more easily and quickly, while having the possibility of measuring their results and obtaining constructive insights on their clients.

Small Businesses Rely On E-commerce

During the Covid-19 pandemic, SMEs and VSEs have gone through difficult months. At the same time, the drop in frequentation of physical stores has had a direct impact on digital sales, which has experienced significant growth.

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The American firm recently published a survey revealing that 35% of respondents increased their online spending during the crisis. In addition, a Salesforce study found a 40% increase in the number of unique online buyers in the first quarter of 2020, worldwide.

It is from this observation of a change in purchasing habits that Facebook launched Business Suite, which will allow small businesses to save time and keep pace with this economic transition.

Beginner “shoppers” , Or Who Are Hosting For The First Time At Home.

In the long term, the interface is destined to become the flagship tool for online store management. From next year, the use of Business Suite will be extended to companies of all sizes. Messages from Whatsapp should also be integrated there, which will make it a multi-channel digital management tool covering the entire Facebook ecosystem.

The social network with 2 billion users affirms with this announcement its desire to strengthen its positioning as an e-commerce platform. Do not hesitate to contact our Social Ads agency to support you in your digital strategy related to social networks.


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