Facebook has just announced a new version of its Business Manager, and the launch of new auction options Since April 16, Facebook has Jordan Email List deploying an optimized version of its Ads Manager pending a more significant overhaul of the Business Manager. A new design for the Business Manager
What is changing? The new version offers a new design and a simplified search organization and campaign structures.

In-Stream Reserve allows advertisers to reach internet users by viewing videos from a selection of hundreds of premium, premium editors and creators. These locations are purchased in advance at a fixed cost and delivered to targeted audiences and verified by Nielsen. According to statistics, an average of almost 100 million people in the United States would watch eligible In-Stream Reserve content each month on Watch, Newsfeed and Pages on Facebook.

What Are The Objectives Of This New Version?

Concretely, this is to facilitate the implementation and analysis of campaigns: Modified and optimized design
Simplified organization of research and campaign structures Copy / paste integration Automatic naming of Ads and Ads sets. The main idea: to use half the height of the screen to display the search fields, and therefore to leave more space for the Campaigns / Ad sets / Ads lists.

Jordan Email List

During the year, Facebook will also integrate new tools for the creation of advertisements and the choice of advertising placements. In-Stream Reserve Categories include all of the functionality of In-Stream Reserve and allow advertisers to reach people whose content is contextually relevant. These categories include sports, fashion & beauty, entertainment, and recently food and news categories have emerged. Sponsorships allow advertisers to be the exclusive sponsor of a program aimed at American viewers. The objective: to broadcast their ads in specific programs.

New Auction Strategy System: “Cost Cap”

The goal of this new auction strategy is to generate on-site conversion, while lowering acquisition costs.
Previously, Facebook allowed “Bid caps” to control maximum bids, or “Target costs” to set the cost of the conversion. Why choose the showcase ad format as an advertiser? First, Showcase helps advertisers connect with people online through premium content and unique video experiences .

Also, Showcase can help advertisers reach younger audiences in a more innovative way than through television. The statistics are rather compelling: In the past three months, 43% of people in the United States who watched content eligible for the In-Stream Reserve on Facebook were between 18 and 34 years old, compared to 29% for TV on this. same age group.

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