Faced with the obsolescence of traditional marketing attribution tools, based only on cookies and the attribution of the last clicks, you do not have a Lebanon Email List vision of your marketing and sales performance. Thanks to Facebook Attribution, an advertising measurement tool, benefit from global and relevant reporting as part of your Facebook campaigns . In 2018, attribution will have been one of the key words of any digital strategy wishing to be at the forefront of the latest innovations offered on the market, alongside of course audiences and automation.

By using Facebook Attribution, Facebook’s new high-performance measurement tool, you will be able to define the credit of each conversion source and readjust your investments, as proposed by standard attribution models. This is where Facebook Attribution goes one step further. Access unique features and exclusively available on this platform to optimize your performance as much as possible. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to a complete report of your customers’ journey that will ultimately allow you to make the best business decisions to meet your strategic objectives.


About The Facebook Attribution System

Facebook has its own data-driven attribution model, so it’s quite distinct from that of Google Ads or Google Analytics. You will find this tool in the Advertising manager, in the “Measurement and reporting” section.

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The dashboard integrates data from different sources including Facebook Insights, Facebook Pixel, app events, and offline conversions. The combination of these sources gives a clearer picture of actual performance. One goal: to allow you to adjust your social media advertising strategy according to your objectives. Also, you have access to information on cross-device conversions, but also on purchases from paid, organic and direct sources, and on conversion measures and visits divided by source.


How Does It Work ?

Facebook’s data-driven attribution model trains on randomized controlled experiences and helps you more accurately measure the incremental value seen at every stage of your various marketing efforts. This template is available on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger. It is totally different from other rule-based attribution models.

First, you’ll need to group your offline ad accounts, pixels, apps, and event sets. Based on automation, that is, machine learning, the system will gather and educate itself data to provide you with a full report, which will take some time initially. Powered by the Facebook pixel, the platform can generate reports on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger campaigns. These reports are designed to show how Facebook ad campaigns impact actions along the customer journey and which channels drive traffic and conversions.

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