With 2.8 billion and 1.22 billion users respectively worldwide, Facebook and Czechia B2B List are undoubtedly the kings of the Social Media landscape. The variety and sophistication of their advertising tools and the engagement of their users make them true eldorados for advertisers.

Whatever your budget or your marketing objectives, from notoriety to traffic to conversions, these social networks offer you the possibility of setting up effective and creative campaigns. However, in front of the vast choice of formats available, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. To see more clearly, here is the summary of the different formats available for your advertising on Facebook and Instagram!

Image Formats On Facebook

Sponsored images in the Facebook News Feed must be JPG or PNG, with an aspect ratio between 1.91: 1 and 4: 5. The minimum recommended resolution is 1080 x 1080 pixels, the minimum dimensions are 600 x 600 pixels, and the maximum weight is 30 MB.

Czechia B2B List

Text characteristics:
The recommended number of characters for the text accompanying your sponsored image is as follows: 40 characters for the title, 30 for the description and 125 for the main text. Instant Articles
Instant Articles are articles optimized for reading on mobile from the Facebook app, and are a great place to promote your offer or brand with an attractive image. Sponsored images featured in Instant Articles are governed by the same rules as images in the News Feed.

Facebook And Marketplace Search Results

Engage your audience when they actively search for places or products related to your brand through sponsored images in search results! For the image and accompanying text, see the ad recommendations in the News Feed.

Appreciated by users for their immersive and ephemeral aspect, stories are very suitable for advertising on social networks. Sponsored story images are broadcast between organic stories, for a duration of 5 seconds (if the user does not “swipe” to the next story). The visual must be designed vertically and in 16: 9 format, and must not include text at the top and bottom, as this would be hidden by the scroll bar and by the call-to-action.

In-stream video
Sponsored images shown in in-stream videos appear on mobile after 60 seconds of viewing. While the recommended format, dimensions and resolution are the same as the images in the News Feed, it is not recommended to add text to them due to the small size of the ad.

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