Following the gradual deconfinement announced from May 11, Facebook has just made Local Ads available to advertisers . It should be noted, Estonia Email List , that certain point-of-sale traffic functionalities remain temporarily unavailable to this day, and that, on the contrary, certain new functionalities have appeared to help companies guarantee the safety of their customers and their activity in general. facing COVID19.

By re-enabling these features, Facebook wants to enable businesses to help shoppers get the products they need, and quickly. As an advertiser, hurry up to create new advertisements to boost your point-of-sale traffic and remember to relaunch all the campaigns that you had to interrupt during this unprecedented period of confinement!

Facebook Ads: Relaunch Of The “Point Of Sale Traffic” Functionality

Here is a summary of the changes made by Facebook as part of Local Ads, and their impact on your point-of-sale traffic ads:

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Updated call-to-action buttons : It is now possible to add Call and Contact Now call-to-action buttons to help your customers and prospects get in touch with your stores in order to learn about them. withdrawal or delivery options. A CTA Commander Now has also been added. Finally, if you add a Directions button , the store map (not just a map) opens when a user clicks on it.

To Assist You In Relaunching Your Local Ads On Facebook Ads .

Information for people who see your ad : People who see your ad for point-of-sale traffic also see a short message advising them to check local official COVID19 guidelines before visiting your store.
Low Placement : Currently, point-of-sale traffic ads only appear in the Facebook feed. You cannot select any other placement, including on Instagram. Another point, if you relaunch an interrupted advertising campaign, it will only appear on the Facebook news feed at first, and not on other placements on which it was previously displayed. If you selected more placements when you created your campaign, your ads will run again on those placements as soon as they are reactivated.

Temporary arrangement of services : it is now possible to display a temporary arrangement of your services on your Shop Pages. For example, as an advertiser, you can indicate that your store only offers a delivery service, that its hours have been restricted, or that it is temporarily closed. Note that some of these service adjustments will affect your advertisements (example: stores marked as temporarily closed will not see their advertisements displayed, and therefore, no invoicing).

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