Facebook Ads: launch of customizable templates for Stories ads
Facebook announced the introduction of new templates that make it easier to create Guatemala Email List Stories ads on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. These new models build on the previous models by default. Social Shopping Facebook Marketing & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is gradually settling in the world of marketing. The year 2020 should confirm this trend and see this technology interfere in the daily lives of consumers. It gives access to new opportunities, whether in terms of data exploitation or relationship with a community.

Why These New Customizable Stories Ad Templates?

Facebook explains the reasons behind this new rollout: “When we design creative activities for a digital campaign, we always recommend that you create unique assets for different placements when possible. However, as marketers and businesses, we have limited time and resources, and it is not always possible to create specific assets for each investment. To help meet this challenge, we’re making it easy for businesses of all sizes to build full screen vertical story placements. Customizable Stories Templates allow marketers to turn existing assets into Stories ads with minimal effort. ”

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So, after uploading your existing assets to Ads Manager, it is possible to choose from a variety of layouts and then use the editing features to select different background colors, text options, and cropping options. If artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, it should offer companies effective solutions to create and maintain extremely personalized relationships with their customers and prospects.

What Do The First Tests Reveal?

Early tests with Instagram Stories have shown that using customizable templates instead of the default templates can lead to better campaign performance. Why ? Because these customizable templates allow marketers to tailor an asset for their specific brand and campaigns.

According to Facebook, Streetbees , a company specializing in real-time information, saw a 40% increase in incremental app installs and a 29% reduction in incremental cost per click when using customizable templates by compared to the automatic default model.

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