acebook Ads: experimenting with advertising in Groups
Each month, more than 1 billion users visit Facebook Groups, and after having liberalized them, Facebook now intends to monetize the success of its groups by Guyana Email List advertisers to come and promote their products and services. With this in mind, Facebook has just started a series of tests offering advertisements in certain Facebook groups in Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.

According to the Techcrunch site which reports the information, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed the test in these terms: “We have started to test the distribution of ads in Facebook groups. And we’ll evaluate the feedback before we determine how we’re going to deploy it. The ads look like Facebook’s news feed ads but only appear in group conversations on the site and in the Facebook mobile app. ”

Facebook Ads: Experimenting With Advertising In Groups

Facebook targets advertising individually for each group member based on the Facebook Group theme, as well as information they have on their Facebook accounts, such as age, location, and interests. Facebook groups have had a cyclical importance. While they were rather neglected, they gradually regained importance by becoming real community spaces, a quality less and less present on Facebook and its newsfeed.

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In France for example, these groups are often created on the occasion of very personal events: birthday organization, indoor soccer groups with a few friends, family surprises, etc. But there are also very large groups based on affinities or needs, such as Wanted Bons Plans which has a total of 227,000 members, or very professional groups such as ForumMyCm which brings together 9,000 web players. For the moment, these spaces are free from any advertising, but this could very quickly change with the tests currently underway and aimed at analyzing the reactions of group members to sponsored content.

Such As Age, Location, And Interests.

A choice that seems wise since today, Facebook has too high a ratio of ads compared to the locations available to broadcast them. Therefore, the giant breaks them down in the news feeds, but also on Instagram, and now, in test, in Facebook Groups.

Case to be followed for the deployment of advertisements in Facebook Groups in Europe following the results of tests already underway in Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.

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