You have (finally) decided to create your Facebook page for your business, and I congratulate you! Every day, you log in through your user account and French Polynesia Email List the platform, on the lookout for the latest news, trends and other crisp details from your friends (for the off part;) That’s great! But have you ever wondered about good practices related to Facebook ?

It will not be a question here of listing all the habits and customs of our dear Mark’s network, but rather of focusing on the relationship with your customers : from decision-maker to decision-maker. This morning, I decided to tell you about 4 bad reflexes that I still see sometimes, and which are damaging for your business, your reputation. Shall we list them together?

Speak Only About Yourself

Before posting something on Facebook, it is good to think ahead: always think about who you are talking to and why you are doing it. And many companies have the habit of centering their publications on their brand: a new product, a new recruited employee, the last afterwork that will take place. Nothing shocks you? It is only about the company and the company here. Remember this precept that listening takes precedence over speech. Before taking out your whole armada, it is necessary to listen, let your client confide, if only to be in accordance with his needs …

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A solution ? From an editorial point of view, it is recommended to speak as follows (going from the particular to the global): ⅓ of yourself, your company (ex: the graphic design trainee who has just joined your team, top!) ⅓ your field of activity , which closely affects your business (ex: a publication of the trade union announcing a new regulation, a decree, determining in your practice)

Do Like Everyone Else

A few days ago, it was back to school in Reunion Island and everyone got their message of “Good start, Good luck to all”. Either way, it’s nice to think about it but what does it bring more, basically? Bouncing back on the news, using newsjacking is great, it is even highly recommended. However, the originality and relevance of the content must be at the rendezvous. Never publish in order to publish, at least as little as possible.

A solution ? As much as possible, try to take pictures yourself, scenarios, scenes of life. Image banks are convenient, but the problem is that everyone uses them. I often read an article and the next day, I find the same illustrative photo on Facebook, to enhance the publication. Obviously, I use it myself but with measure, and I always try to find the photo in the last pages.

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