Recruitment in offline events of followers or potential customers for our website. Turn to Influencers who sponsor our brand in their social networks but also in their daily offline life. Combination of online campaigns with merchandising that allows us to touch and feel our brand and not only see it on the screen.  Loyalty cards and physical discounts to redeem in online stores. You are looking for a strategy that allows you to combine both forms of advertising but you are not sure how to define it. Get in touch with us and we will make it possible for your offline and online advertising to be compatible.

This effect can be multiplied by sharing images of the custom item and making it go viral . A recent example of Ambient media is the design created by Disney for city garbage containers: ambient marketing experiential marketing / experiential Senegal Phone Number marketing The objective pursued with this technique is to involve the public in an activity or experience that gratifies them or offers them positive sensations. In this way, people feel part of the advertising campaign and establish a direct relationship with the brand. The multinational IKEA decorated a Kobe train to publicize the opening of its store in Japan.

A Product to the Consumer

It gave Japanese citizens the opportunity to try and enjoy some of its furniture on the way to work or home: experiential marketing Ambush marketing / Ambush marketing A form of aggressive guerrilla marketing . Brands take advantage of situations and events or scenarios of other well-known brands to promote themselves at the same time. They can do it in big events, in which they are not official sponsors, through the free gift of merchandising to attendees. Discounts or only with a striking appearance of the brand. McDonald’s responded to the campaign of its great competitor in France. Which explained step by step how to get to the nearest establishment, placing a much smaller and much simpler fence next to it.

However, the contrast would incline the public to choose McDonald’s over Burger King because. It was infinitely much closer. experiential marketing Stealth marketing / Stealth marketing. It tries to introduce a product to the consumer without the latter realizing it. However, out in various ways. The easiest to identify in audiovisual content, in the films. Series or advertisements themselves. Brands pay for generic products on screen to be their own brands. In Forrest Gump, the protagonist admired his new Nike sneakers, a brand he had paid to appear in the film.

Stealth Marketing Tries to Introduce

However, is essential to try to sell without being forced. However, the above, you must be very clear about the audience your campaign is aimed at, age range, gender, socioeconomic level, among other things. Then you must choose which platform you will use, since writing for a website is not the same as for a social network like Instagram. Each one has totally different rules that must be adapted to. The most advisable thing is to resort to those agencies specialized in copywriting. which have professionals and enough experience to make your website successful . However, courtesy of Anthony Jesús Méndez Peña. Computerist and Social Communicator. Content Writer at NeoAttack. Avid reader and writer. He loves technology, as well as literature, animals.

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