It allows to surprise and capture the attention of the consumer in an ingenious and new way. This marketing strategy benefits from the current knowledge we have about human psychology . Playing with the product or service and the imagination will cause numerous experiences and sensations in the individual. Marketing as you have never imagined it before is already part of the present. We are no longer just surround by billboards, brochures or posters in the busiest parts of the city. Marketing and advertising have gone one step further.

New ideas have been developed that are reflected in zebra crossings, garbage containers and new striking elements in the middle of South Africa Phone Number the street. Why resort to guerrilla marketing? table of contents [ hide ] 1 Why resort to guerrilla marketing 2 What benefits does guerrilla marketing give you? 3 Forms of Guerilla Marketing 3.1 Ambient media / Environmental communication 3.2 3.4 Stealth marketing / Stealth marketing The day to day of any consumer is impregnated with abundant information and excessive advertising. The consumer’s mind is oversaturated and only what is innovative can make a hole in it.

Ambush Marketing  Marketing

It is no longer enough to have a good idea for a product or service, but it must be accompanied by a creative promotion strategy. More and more companies are turning to guerrilla marketing to surprise their target audience. Small companies that need to increase their sales and large companies that need to continue surprising their regular customers. It is an advertising strategy with a lower cost than conventional advertising media. For this reason, it is an investment that the vast majority of companies can assume regardless of their size.

However, benefits does guerrilla marketing give you? It is a strategy that, as we mentioned previously, does not imply a high cost compared to other advertising strategies. In this way the investment this strategy being compatible with other more conventional ones. However, results are quite remarkable, given the impact guerrilla marketing has on the public. It allows achieving growth objectives in the short and medium term. Your brand will experience economic growth and also an increase in visibility and popularity. This increase will grow exponentially by spreading the campaigns through social networks. You will differentiate your brand from those that are competitors and you will reinforce its position in the mind of the consumer .

Guerilla Marketing Is Your Great

However, brand will come to life and the consumer will be able to feel its essence close. Forms of guerrilla marketing in numerous formats, mediums and places. With forms and elements that bring to life the essence of your brand. However, media / Environmental communication It allows you to communicate your message or make your brand known through the conditioning of everyday elements. However, elements are to the most characteristic colors, shapes and attributes of the brand. The busiest public spaces ensure a high viewing rate by potential brand customers.

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