The importance that Instagram currently has for electronic commerce, and how it has become so popular, generating commitment from users. We don’t know if it’s because it’s a social image network, because of its useful and beautiful filters to enhance a photo or because of its ability to share short videos, but what we are sure of is that its rapid growth provides everyone who owns a online store the possibility of having your own online catalogue, of creating content that demonstrates customer loyalty to a brand or an alternative means of publishing news. To learn how Instagram can help you make your first sale in ecommerce.

So get ready to see how 8 different brands use this social network to. The benefits of their products, satisfied customers or simply the product itself. Online stores Let’s start with 5 stores that understand and take advantage of the opportunities France Mobile Number Database that this social network presents them. Shelfies If your product is a bit extravagant and you feel that conventional media is not your thing. Then it is time for you to turn your Instagram profile into the catalog of your virtual store. Just like the Shelfies brand does. Its bright colors and striking designs are enhanced by its filters. Which also show you how you can use such extravagant models.

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Including the brand and the URL of the online store as a watermark in your photos is a plus, which will not only allow your users to know the location of the store, but also prevents other people from making improper use of your images. The best of the store: The use of filters and water filters to maintain the reserved rights of the images. Johnny Cupcakes Imagine the following scene: You enter a store whose facade tells you that they sell cupcakes, but suddenly you realize that what they sell there are t-shirts. Well, surely you are entering Johnny Cupcakes, a brand whose main characteristic is that a cupcake is included in the designs of its t-shirts.

Weird, no? His Instagram account is full of images of his different models of shirts. As well as images related to the character that the brand wants to show its customers. Including absurd but understandable messages for his followers. The best of the store The irreverent style of its publications. frida’s shop. Do you want to show your satisfied customers. Then ask them to add a photograph from your virtual store. Which you can see that they are enjoying your product. Frida’s store does an excellent job showing their happy customers. In addition, it uses one of the resources that Instagram has made fashionable, which are the hashtags, to have a kind of database of all its clients, and thus generate a large community.

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Remember, one satisfied customer will surely bring you two more satisfied customers. Did we mention that most of their happy customers are 4-legged, furry, and unable to upload their own photos to Instagram? The best of the store: Shows your satisfied customers, generating a circle of loyalty to the store. Latex mask The wonderful thing about this store is its customer service, since Instagram does not become just another social network. Their photographs, apart from showing their (really innovative) products, serve as a blackboard so that people who want to purchase one of their products can find out if they are in stock.

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