This is because its Armenia WhatsApp Number List goal is to get Internet users to interact with your e-commerce and leave a review. For a blogger, this plugin will also be suitable because it allows you to set up a rating if you write an article focused on the review of software, books, films or music. Here are the features that stand out: A rating system that can use rating, percentage, and stars. Lightweight plugin that will not impact the speed of your site. Supported by almost all WordPress themes. For the space intended for the collection of notes and comments, the plugin offers you to choose between two templates.

WP Review is an extension that offers a really simple installation, which makes Schema markup easy for less experienced people. Paid plugin. Which plugin to choose? Schema tags and Rich Snippets are essential for your site’s visibility in search engines. They help make your site more attractive in search results. They encourage people to click your organic results. They help you stand out in the jungle of organic results compared to other sites. So how do you choose the one that’s right for you? Analyze your needs! If you run a fairly simple site with few pages, we recommend that you go for a free plugin. On the other hand, if you work in the web and manage multiple sites, you will need to purchase a plugin to automate the addition of Schema tags.

Google And Facebook Still Dominate

How to measure its presence for voice searches in Google SERPs? Although Google does not provide official performance indicators through Search Console to measure your voice presence, other tools allow you to know for which phrases you are mentioned vocally in the SERPs. John Mueller from Google was recently questioned on Twitter by a user who wanted to know if it was possible to measure the voice presence of a website and the statistics of voice searches carried out via the Google SERPs. Here is the original tweet published by this Internet user. In summary, Andrea Ugalde asks how she could measure voice searches: can we know when we are appearing? How does its site respond to user searches? Or know what users have searched for by voice?


This question comes up regularly in discussions which is not surprising knowing all the mess that the digital industry is doing with voice search. Here is John Mueller’s answer below. John replies that they cannot be measured. He recommends using a voice assistant and trying it out with questions where we would like our site to be mentioned. It is often easier to understand how these things can work if you use them regularly yourself. In other words, Google does not (yet) provide performance metrics related to your website for voice searches. Maybe it will happen one day through Search Console .

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Summary One minute butterfly… it’s still possible! Ranking factors Measure your voice presence One minute butterfly… it’s still possible! In 2019, SEM Rush published a very interesting study on the possible positioning factors to be cited in voice. Ranking factors Here are the main positioning factors that will make it easier for your pages to appear in voice response. vocal seo ranking factors Rightly, HE Mr. Rush considered that the majority of voice searches performed in Google were related to questions . It is therefore on this format that the study was based. According to this study, if you want to improve your chances of being quoted in voice response, you must: Be positioned in Top 3 in the SERPs.

Be displayed as a featured snippet . Provide a response of approximately 41 words. Your texts should be concise, simple and understandable. You need to optimize the speed of your pages. The more backlinks you get, the better. Now that you know the main ranking factors for voice search in Google, let’s see how to measure your visibility. Measure your voice presence By diving a little more into the study of SEM Rush.

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