The initial problem is the gap Iran Phone Number List we have observed between the profusion of quality economic data and information and their use: France is rather very well endowed with qualified information and quantitative data thanks to quality producers. To name just one, INSEE, for example, publishes very rich data. In addition, Open data policies have made it possible to make a lot of valuable information public. But the problem is, nobody really knows how to use them: where is this data? How to highlight them? How to cross them? We therefore wanted to respond to this problem by facilitating access to quality economic data, easy to

understand in its context and which is not overpriced either! Building and data gelolocalisee How did you start the project? We started by developing a first product that was too complex. Our promise is to help VSEs and SMEs in the Retail sector analyze their economic performance and make informed decisions by comparing themselves to their peers. This tool was both too “technical” but also not specific enough for the target we were aiming for. We also came up against the commercial difficulty of addressing a very fragmented and heterogeneous market. However, the presentation of this first tool allowed us to note a real

Atometrics Today

interest of bankers and accountants for relevant and accessible data. We have therefore developed our platform to provide easy access to reliable, enriched (multi-source) and geolocated information to these professionals, who are at the service of VSEs and SMEs. Atometrics today? To simplify matters, we now offer a very complete and customizable platform for ultra-local economic studies for the whole of France. It currently covers 30 sectors and will be extended to 70 additional sectors by the end of the year. Our activity is done in BtoB and is geared towards large accounts (banks and network of accountants). We have also


established several national partnerships to access our platform. We are 3 partners, including 2 co-founders. We recently hired our first employee and are planning a second hire in September. We also work with a network of freelancers. With more than 10 million Sirets listed and updated daily, our platform first offers a customizable search on fresh and geolocated information. For example, if you want to carry out a market study of hairdressing salons present in Malakoff, all you have to do is enter a SIREN number or an address in our platform and it offers an aggregation of the main local economic information: the competitors, their key

When He Draws Up The Financing

financial ratios, sales of business assets (buyers, sellers, prices), the characteristics of the resident and passing population, etc. We also describe macroeconomic trends in the market and offer practical information for further analysis. Banks also appreciate the fact that our data is uniform from end to end: when the account manager prepares his interview to finance the growth of a restaurant in Compiègne, thanks to our platform, he can understand the business and the local environment of its client. France with chain When he draws up the financing file and communicates it to the credit analysis or to the risk analyst

for validation, the latter two use the same data to carry out their analysis. By construction, our platform offers them a unique and objective tool, which saves time and improves cooperation between these two businesses. Finally, we have opted for a SaaS solution, which allows our customers to use it immediately, without internal deployment issues with all the flexibility of using the Internet. The consequences of development? In the short term, we will broaden the field covered by the tool to 70 new economic sectors. We also plan to integrate a business fund valuation module and a “benchmark” module to compare the

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