companies that decided us to Russia Phone Number List our own structure in 2017. Naelis today? Development prospects? We’re trying to sign our first client . The structures that need the most to use energy measurement data for the moment are network managers and distributors such as RTE, Enedis, GRTGaz, GRDF. Our concern comes from the transversality of Novae: to understand its usefulness, our interlocutor must master his core business needs: we do not have to worry about finding interlocutors at the operational level but we have them for the moment to materialize the opportunities. commercial. We are not attractive from a purchasing point of view. However, we hope to sign our first client this year. Ultimately, we are targeting all energy

customers with the exception of individuals: carriers, distributors, suppliers, large consumers. What personal contribution and sharing of experience do you get from it? I recoiled from the idea of ​​setting up a company because I thought that to manage one, you had to master everything: the contractual, the legal, the accounting. I was helped to understand that the first thing to do when starting a business is knowing how to surround yourself . Knowing how to do everything is illusory and inspires. For legal matters, you need a lawyer, accounting, you need an accountant, finances, a banker. I have learned not to know . The non-

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mastery was a stress, now I am surrounded by people who will bring me an answer to any problem that I encounter. What advice do you give to those who want to get started in entrepreneurship? The advice I give is that you have to try: you must not tell yourself before going, I want to know everything . Then when I will know all that, I will create my box. The right approach is to say to yourself: you need a core business, skills, convictions and for things around, there are specialists, you have to surround yourself with the right people.


You should not be afraid of being in the digital sphere as men. We also know that diversity is a crucial asset for our companies. Economically, parity contributes to the increase in turnover. Women have a different approach to service, need and risk. The different ways of thinking and doing business are complementary and therefore enriching. But that would, again, be the subject of another article! And what do we do for? It is essential to make the female population aware of digital technology . The awareness raising targets are broad: from the general public, through sponsors to national education

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and higher education. Various actions exist to fight against the gender imbalance: – Interventions in schools (primary schools to high schools), – The organization of training networks for digital professions (Grand Ecole du Numérique), – The “female ambition” program, part of the web cad emie, – Networks to raise awareness of digital women with, for example, womenintechnologie. The Digital Women’s Day , the first edition of which took place in 2013, aims “to provide practical cases, advice and networking opportunities for women active in the digital field”. This year, around the theme “They Change the World”, it took place at the

Dakar. During this seventh edition, the Margaret was awarded, which rewards committed and innovative digital women. This award pays tribute to the famous computer scientist and engineer who helped land Man on the moon: Margaret Hamilton.number according to the duration of the POC. Faced with the uncertainty about the ability to implement the chosen functionalities, one way to secure your perimeter is to prioritize the functions to ensure that the most important are taken into account. The POC will never be able to answer all the questions. A restricted scope limits the risks, In this framing phase, it is necessary to define an

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