At ISlean consulting, we have this Turkey Phone Number List to promote internal or external initiative. Throughout the year, we therefore met transformation players with daring solutions. They participate in modernizing the French, and even European, economic and social landscape. We have noticed in these start-ups, this desire to build new models, to leave established paths, to think differently about the future without setting limits. Giving a voice to these actors from all sectors seems relevant to us so that they can share the richness of their experiences. Charles-René Tandé, president of the CSOEC, underlines the relevance and depth of his organization’s participation in the event: “This collaboration is not symbolic. It lays the foundations for our

commitment to proximity and trust vis-à-vis entrepreneurs. The CSOEC is indeed the first network of proximity and trust for entrepreneurs. During the evening, the 11 entrepreneurs will present their innovation. In many sectors, they develop efficient and innovative solutions such as education, medicine, finance, luxury, … After the startups’ pitches, 3 prizes will be awarded. ISlean carried out a communication campaign on social networks which was taken up by the entrepreneurs. Votes were cast online with more than double the number of votes compared to last year. We thank voters for taking the time to respond. The three prizes awarded during the evening: Entrepreneur of the Year Innovative entrepreneur of the year The favorite

During The Evening, The 11 Entrepreneurs

entrepreneur of the year The eleven candidates (you will find a more detailed presentation here ): In EdTech Kokoroe is a digital training platform. Learners have the opportunity to train with videos and educational content online. The MOOC Agency helps training organizations and companies in the creation of MOOCs, in particular in the design, production and animation. Learn Assembly participates in training the employees of a company in many areas, in particular by supporting internal training teams and designing appropriate systems. LaFormationPourTous offers a training catalog for all types of structures with more than 1,200 videos and around thirty courses. In FinTech Promis aims to reconcile entrepreneurs and insurers. Nearly


50% of entrepreneurs are uninsured because they do not understand the specific vocabulary of this profession. Livsty supports the elderly by offering a revisited life annuity sale by mixing it with crowdfunding . In MedTech Iktos is helping the pharmaceutical industry with artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate research on “small molecule” drugs. In luxury D’Estrëe sells top-of-the-range hats 100% made in France. The brand has gone beyond hats to now market jewelry and leather goods. Cross-sectors Vegg’up has set up an application that highlights vegetarian and vegan cuisine. It is possible to plan meals each week thanks to the application which contains more than 4,000 recipes. Tilkal makes it possible to identify the origin of

The Three Prizes Awarded During The Evening

physical products to help consumers make their choice, in particular by specifying the origin for traceability from the blockchain. Askeet has developed a platform for exchanging business opportunities (leads) in B2B . The service allows the search to be qualified and only results of interest are longer work with them because they do not respect their own ethics charter. The legal sanction will therefore quickly become secondary alongside the “shaming” phenomenon generated by the publication of the index. Conversely, a high score could be set up as a label (such as happy Work ) to attract talent, especially women.

What to remember from all that ? Setting up a single indicator on a complex subject (measuring equal pay) by mobilizing actors with divergent interests (employers ‘and employees’ unions) is not easy. In the eyes of stakeholders, the sins of simplicity and complexity stretch out their arms. You will not be able to escape both, or even be accused of both. Need to define indicators in a complex environment? Keep these two principles in mind: Communicate on the Why. When you’ve got everyone agreed on the goal of the indicator, you’ve come halfway. KISS: Keep It Simple and Stupid, so everyone understands the indicator.

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