Daniel Allimant, vice-Thailand Phone Number List of the CSOEC, recalled the importance of the relationship and the proximity of 20,000 accountants and entrepreneurs throughout France. At ISlean consulting we have this desire to promote entrepreneurship, to highlight the daring, the creative because it is they who create the world of tomorrow. During the evening, the eleven candidates presented their start-up and answered questions from participants. The projects detailed here : The entrepreneurs shared their journey, their concept, often their more personal story: launching a project is never a straight line, the need to adapt is a daily reality. Start-ups impress with their daring and evolution. Another message: the humility of entrepreneurs, when they say that

“it worked all the same”. After these shares, the results of the votes were transmitted. The votes were collected digitally following several communication campaigns. We thank all the voters who were able to make this event possible. The three prizes awarded during the evening: Entrepreneur of the Year: Kokoroe Innovative entrepreneur of the year: Tilkal Favorite Entrepreneur of the Year: Askeet Elise Covilette, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Kokoroe, with Constance Camillieri (Innovation Director of CSOEC) and Louis Alexandre Louvet. Kokoroe won the Entrepreneur of the Year award. , expressed his joy at the revelation of the results: “I am very happy that there were so many votes for our project. We know the

The Three Prizes Awarded During The Evening

issues around training, they are very important. It is a strong gesture to support us around digital inclusion. “out with Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan. However, Shia does not admit defeat and the story does not end there. The incredible hunt continues on the roof of a museum in Liverpool, then in a hut in the depths of Lapland and finally in London where the flag, however stashed inside a house and filmed on a banal white wall , will be found in less than 4 hours. Example 2: the collective intelligence of ants, the study of which finds concrete applications Professionals in collective labor, hunting and even


agriculture , ants can teach us a lot about how a collection of limited intelligences can, working together, achieve surprising results. When it comes to finding food, ants communicate to optimize their movements. The first ants to emerge from the nest in search of food, the “Girl Scouts”, do not know where they are going. If one of them finds food, she sets off again following the path she took at the start. It will then deposit pheromones on the ground, chemicals allowing it to communicate to the other ants in the colony. If there are two paths to get to the same place, one long and one short, an ant will take longer to cover the longer path.

The Award For The Most Popular

As with each passage the ant will mark the trail of its pheromones, after a certain time, the shorter path will be more marked than the longer path. However, these pheromones are attractive. The ants will therefore tend to take the path that smells the strongest, and the other paths will gradually lose their pheromone tracks. Ants finding the shortest way around an obstacle in front of food The myrmecologist Claudie Doums (specialist in ants) speaks precisely of collective intelligence, because when the ant takes the most chemically marked trail, it does not know that it is the shortest path to food. She only knows that it is the path

that smells the strongest. The study of the behavior of ants has made it possible to derive optimization algorithms , that is to say algorithms that perform a series of tasks to find an optimal solution to a given problem. These algorithms are called ant colony algorithms . These algorithms have notably made it possible to optimize mail distribution routes, waste collection, and even GPS systems to exist! This is a fine example of biomimicry .will have an impact on the image of the company: Companies that do not respect the law will be exposed in public. It is the suppliers and customers of these companies who may decide to


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