email marketing is dead, death is dead. As I’ve pointed out in the past, marketers love to kill anything that moves . It goes without saying that my Qatar WhatsApp Number List Patrice Laubignat *, organizer of the “after emotional” conference (see below) and who invited me to speak at it, asked a rhetorical question. This is how I understood it.

Is Email Marketing Really Dead?
Nevertheless, I wanted here, in preparation for this event, to investigate the supposed death of the newsletter . Unless it is about certain newsletter practices? Let’s study this without a priori, find and compare the situation, supporting figures, with our initial intuition. * Patrice is author of Emotional Marketing at Kawa Editions, who is also my editor

Is Email Marketing Dead? Or Is It Just Some Form Of Email Marketing Gone Wrong?

Since the time I hear that email marketing is broken, that it doesn’t work, that people don’t click on links, etc., etc., I still wonder why the question is asked. For my part, and on the basis of my daily work, I do not see any truth in this assertion. This does not mean that things do not change or that the difficulties do not exist. But after all, tell me about an area where business has not changed in a quarter of a century (the Web was invented over 30 years ago) and I will listen to you with great interest.

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Unless it’s just trade show talks, and the numbers don’t support that coffee shop argument. So, precisely, let’s check the figures. I took in particular those of B2B, because it is my field, to set the record straight: Here is a recent and unique study carried out in the USA by the publisher of CRM Superoffice in November 2019 on the state of the art of email marketing , with 1,000 B2B companies (around 50% of medium-sized companies, 30% of small and 20% of large companies) who use email marketing to communicate with their audience.

The Main Conclusions Of The Superoffice Study On The Use Of Email Marketing In B2b

They are counterintuitive, as their original assumption was – logically – that email marketing campaigns were “an important marketing channel for B2B businesses and that all businesses would send at least one email during the trial period.” 90 days ”. In fact, the study revealed something quite different: 59% of B2B companies do not use email marketing 8% of all email campaigns do not include an unsubscribe link. On average, B2B companies send out an email marketing campaign every 25 days

Conclusion of the study: email marketing is not dead. In conclusion, and to paraphrase the authors of the study, “Email marketing is not dead”, the main challenge for companies in the sector business to business In producing this glossary, Visionary Marketing has come up against a major problem: f … is rather to use it correctly, or even to use it at all. For starters, 59% of businesses listed by superoffice did not use email marketing at all. Then the question is less whether to kill newsletters than to use them properly.

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