Networks of your online store should be a daily task, planned and always built in the best way. It is the invitation for those people who follow the profiles of your brand. Visit and discover everything you have for them in your online store. On this occasion we will talk specifically about the three elements that constitute the perfect publication. On the different social networks, content that most online store owners do on social networks to publicize some news. To their brand and/or products, Hoping it hits the right people. To start with, to satisfy the information appetite of most of your potential customers, you need to know what the best times and days of publication are.

The first element that you should consider is related to the day and time indicated to publish They say that time is gold and you have to know how to take advantage of it. The truth is that on the internet and especially in electronic commerce, you have to Greece Phone Number be at the right time to be visible among a large number of options similar to you, so the times and days on which you share news and updates of products or prices must be well measured. Let’s see the image that Sumall’s blog shares with us regarding the most popular publication schedules in the most used social networks.

the Social Networks

These hours can vary, they depend a lot on the area where you are and the type of clients you have. So you can take. It as a base and modify your publication hours depending on your traffic and conversion statistics. Image source: Sumall’s blog The second element is the persuasive copy to print in each publication. Twitter In this social network, regardless of what you want to share, you should consider that you only have 140 characters to invite the customer to read your content. It is an excellent idea to share only the title of the content. The name of the product and one of its benefits or the promotion as you want to make it known. You can make this part even more interesting if the text sounds questioning, since normally people always tend to look for an answer to any question that comes our way.

As for including hashtags in the writing. It can be done as long as the chosen word is directly related to the topic and its use is not abused. We recommend using two excellent hashtags and attracting the public that will surely be interested in what you are sharing. If you want it to have a more noticeable impact, investigate. Which hashtags are trending at the time of your publication and use one if it is related to your topic, to take advantage of the traffic that is being generated and be visible. Facebook The wording can be much broader, although we recommend that you do not abuse it.

Publishing Content on the Social

Always try to make all the text visible in the publication. Without having to select the read more option, since that loses interest in the reader. The text you share can be a short paragraph taken from the original content. Or a personal opinion of the author that invites you to learn more about. What was shared. Hashtags were use. At some point in this social network to classify the topics that the content. Dealt with and although they did have the desired success. They can still be used to curate content. We recommend doing a preliminary investigation. Which hashtags are still relevant on Facebook and consider. Only adding those that can help your target audience know what you are sharing.

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