Electrolab is one of the historic FabLabs in France. This strong association of 120 members was created at the very beginning of 2011, in Nanterre, by four Andorra Email Lists passionate about technique and technology. It continues to grow and improve a place where industrial machines rub shoulders with microscopes, milling machines, 3D printers and other vacuum chambers. Visit to the future largest FabLab in Europe.

The students’ projects are scattered all over the tables, and are not only industrial in nature, despite what one might imagine. Sylvie Kerouedan explains this diversity by external contributions: It is a place of exchange: we brought in, for example, students from the Beaux-Arts, we locked them up with students from Telecom Bretagne, and that gave rise to really interesting ideas. Even though it’s a university venue, we are in OpenLab every Tuesday evening, so anyone can come to these slots.

The Industrial Lathe Or The Home Factory

The welcome to Electrolab is very warm. Samuel, Clément and Yannick, three of the founding members of the association, have a lot to do with it. They also take turns every Tuesday evening to show this “place of all possibilities” to anyone who requests it. It is then, for the neophyte, a visit to a strange museum, filled with electrical, electronic, digital or analog control devices, cables, and drills.

Andorra Email Lists

Except that everything that is there is not there to be seen only, but before anything used… or not. Our guide, that evening, is Yannick, who is not stingy with explanations of each of our questions. A first room with two huge steel monsters with typically industrial green paint, attached to a large glass cage containing cables and a metal head.This machine is a milling machine, it makes it possible to manufacture metal parts, mainly, by removing material.

Individual And Collective Projects And Business Incubation

Beyond the central “hackerspace” type room, from the industrial machine room, Electrolab also has a space dedicated to electronics, crammed with devices allowing the most varied projects of its members to be carried out. There is also a chemistry area – with limited access – where you can also use a very practical machine for those who want to create printed circuits: a reverse drill. This machine allows you to drill cards very precisely for all electronics-based projects.

We can create our electronic boards to install our own components on them, explains Yannick, who outbid:There will be a clean room and a gray room with the extension of the new premises. This will make it possible to carry out all kinds of fundamental physics manipulations, but also to carry out all kinds of industrial processes, particularly in the field of microelectronics, for example to manufacture integrated circuits.

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