Learn why it is important to choose fonts well and how to do it correctly, with javier alcaraz javier alcaraz is a graphic designer specialized in editorial, branding and typography. For him, colors, shape, space, balance, asymmetry and many other considerations are the key to the perfect typesetting. In this tutorial, he explains some keys to combine fonts well in your editorial designs. Find out more in the video. 3 steps to achieve a good typesetting 1. Use fonts of different sizes editorial design tutorial how to combine fonts 3 one way to generate a clear contrast between your fonts, making it easier to read and achieving a more harmonious aesthetic result, is through the use of different sizes. But beware avoid using the same typographic family in titles and subtitles, at the risk of not achieving a noticeable difference between these elements.


Automated editorial design with adobe indesign

Combine font families editorial design tutorial how to image manipulation service combine fonts 5 a serif and a sans serif typeface combined can create the contrast you want on your page. However, you must always observe the criterion of symmetry between them. This is done by observing the format of the letters and the stain they generate on the page. 3. Try to After that, match the heights and proportions tutorial editorial design. Tow to combine typefaces 7 the height and vertical proportion of each sign are also key points to observe. Do not mix fonts that differ greatly from each other in height. At the risk of generating a page with asymmetric features. Did you like these tips remember that you can learn with javier alcaraz to use the key elements to create clear and attractive graphic structures in his online course composition techniques for graphic design .

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Composition techniques for graphic design

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