About products and brands that are on their shopping list. The popularization of mobile devices has caused the use of social networks to skyrocket and become one of the determining factors when it comes to finalizing our purchases. According to recent studies, 78% of consumers value the activity of brands on Social media before making their purchases. These data should help online stores get their act together when it comes to managing their online presence, since a good use of them can serve to improve the sales of your business. These are six key points that you cannot neglect when taking the presence of your e-commerce site to social networks. Do not reserve the profiles When creating your online store, it is recommended that you reserve the username in the different social networks, even if you do not end up integrating them into your social media strategy.

This will help you avoid future scares, such as identity theft or online reputation crisis. Poorly planning your presence on social media We know Netherlands Phone Number that Facebook is, today, the social network with the largest number of users, but does your target audience have an active presence on this social network? Do you know which social networks are most used by your target? Depending on the vertical of your online store and the type of customers you want to get, you must choose the social networks in which to establish yourself and start publishing content.

Social Networks Are One of the Favorite

For example, Pinterest and Instagram are a must for online fashion, accessories and gastronomy stores. LinkedIn is perfect for locating professional users and entrepreneurs. Twitter and Facebook, due to their large number of users, will serve as key points for managing incidents and user comments on your e-commerce site Not responding to user complaints Constant monitoring of social networks can help you resolve problems with your online store or user orders more quickly. In cases that may generate a negative reputation, it is essential to remain calm, accept the error and keep the user informed at all times about the status of their claim, always offering them the best solution for their case.

Online stores that respond to complaints and claims from their customers. On social networks manage to improve the perception of their brand in a more effective way. Little interaction with the fan community Direct interaction with your followers. One of the main advantages of Social media marketing. For this reason. It is essential to take care of the relationship with your followers and ensure that your customers are happy. As this will translate into loyal buyers for your store. Use your profiles on social networks to publish value-added content for your customers. Photos, product videos, news, launches, exclusive content and promotions. Do not forget to retweet or share the opinions or analysis of your users. As well as to respond and thank their interactions. Its contents can be very useful for other clients and can also help you get new leads.

Places for Users to Find Information

Do not track campaigns to your online store According to the Annual Study. On eCommerce in Spain , prepared by IAB Spain and Elogia, 29% of Spanish online shoppers discover. New e-commerce sites through social networks, making them a perfect source of traffic for an online store. To control the users and the sales that arrive through the different social networks of your company. It is essential to integrate a tracking system such as Google Analytics (If you do not have it yet. You are already taking a long time!) or . Which will allow you to analyze the effectiveness of your publications and optimize your online content strategy. Do not use Social Ads The main social networks have their own advertising systems that allow you to bring quality traffic to your online store.

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