The acronym in vogue for a few years when it comes to web design is DXP: for Digital Experience Platform . Gartner introduced this concept in its “ Define DXP ” report from last year. Visionary Marketing will Paraguay WhatsApp Number List the Ibexa Engage event online on May 26, 2019. An event that will allow you to learn international best practices and in particular the experiences of Essilor and the French Golf Federation. See the program and registration at the end of this post.

Visionary Marketing will host the Ibexa Engage event online on behalf of Ibexa (new name of eZ Systems ) on May 26th. Several sessions will be offered and you will be able to see your journey yourself. Other players as well, who have millions of customers, and who were wondering about replacing a channel like email with automated messaging, deployed a conversational strategy in just a few hours .

Enter The Future Of The Internet With Dxp And The Ibex Engage Event (Online)

DXP is not just a new acronym. It reflects a profound change in organizations, customers, purchasing and consumption patterns, and it is the response, in terms of digital platforms, to these various challenges posed by these upheavals, further accentuated by the Coronavirus crisis). The digital experience is at the heart of many digital transformation programs. Digital experience platforms are a key technology in delivering this experience – Gartner

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DXP: emerging digital category DXP is an emerging digital categoryMarlet. The very notion of a B2B or B2C market is at the heart of the marketing approach. A market is the meeting …Internet platforms that translate much more than a change in vocabulary. It’s a real upheaval in the wayWeb sites The B2B website is the digital showcase for your business. This is the easiest and most efficient way … are designed.

Their goal, according to Gartner, is to help the company “[…] perfected [ing] the way customers and employees interact with their businesses for the purpose of improving the satisfaction and loyalty of customers, as well as brand recommendation by customers.

Dxp Is Imposed By Changes In Purchasing And Consumption Patterns

In producing this glossary, Visionary Marketing has come up against a major problem: f … , DXP ​​is needed because of changes in the behavior of buyers Buyer’s behavior in B2B: Internet and social networks have changed the behavior of … (see our video) and consumers, and the need for the organization to adapt to new sales and marketing methods. These changes will be further accelerated in the future by the crisis which it is hoped is about to end.

Gartner therefore recommends that companies, in its report, equip themselves with a “[…] central DXP technological platform, in order to optimize the multiple portals, the management of Web content, in order to better manage and personalize its services, which coordinates a client experience. Experiential marketing is about giving the prospect or customer a memorable experience …
omnichannel digital ‘

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